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    MPGH News - 149th Edition

    149th Edition - April 11th, 2017

    Snapple Fact Hawaii is moving toward Japan at the rate of almost 4 inches per year.

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    Hot Threads:

    It is illegal to post a picture of Putin as a gay clown in Russia
    Russia has been a picture that depicts President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, as a gay clown. News outlets are having difficulty reporting exactly the specific picture is because the picture is banned. However, the picture is described by the government as a form of "extremism", where, listed in Russia's Ministry of Justice Item:4071, it states a picture of Putin in the form of "eyes and lips made up" is captioned as an anti-gay slur, and implies homosexuality as the prime sexual orientation of Russia. Russian court has sent the person who posted the image to psychiatric care. The poster has become popular in 2013, around the time Russia passed a law banning "propanga" regarding children learning "non-traditional" sexual orientations. In a bigger picture, Russia has been very controlling regarding what people say over the internet. Russia passed its first "internet extremism" laws in 2013. A year later, Putin signed a law imposing prison sentences for people who give as much as a "like", "thumbs up", comment, or something of similarity to something that breaks the internet extremism law.


    8-Bit Bayonetta or what it means for real
    While other companies compete in the sense of humor, SEGA seems to be starting to warm up before a relatively serious announcement. Apparently, the Japanese are going to port the game Bayonetta for a PC platform - a favorite slasher from Platinum Games with a sexy lady in the main role.
    It all began with the fact that SEGA released on Steam free game "8-Bit Bayonetta". The gameplay is extremely simple: Bayonetta stands still, jumps up, shoots at enemies coming at her and gains points. The most interesting thing is hiding in the pictures of achievements: there you can find a link that leads to the official website of SEGA.
    On this page, there is a timer with a countdown, and on the background - a branded fire-heel. Some event will be held on April 11 at 12:00 in Moscow. It is logical to assume that in this way SEGA hints at the announcement of Bayonetta for PC and, perhaps, modern consoles.
    It should be clarified that SEGA, most likely, will only be able to port the first game in the series. As reported by the users of the NeoGAF forum, the rights to Bayonetta 2 remained in the hands of Nintendo - not in vain the sequel was created for their money exclusively for the Wii U! However, many fans are sure to be pleased and the most important part: they have long asked SEGA to transfer Bayonetta from the consoles to the PC.
    Of course, there is a chance that the Japanese decided in this way to play a trick on the computer community - after all, today is such a holiday! But the people think that for an April Fools' joke the teaser looks too complicated.

    Ken Levine's next game draws inspiration from Shadow of Mordor's Nemesis system
    Recently the creator of games such as BioShock and BioShock Infinite, Kevin Levine came to talk at EGX Rezzed 2017 about what he and his studio, Ghost Story have been up to. Mr. Levine said that his studio, Ghost Story have been working hard to create a small open world game using the nemesis system from the popular game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. He said that his team will try to move away from the linear story games from his previous creations. Kevin Levine said that he really liked the part where the boss get stronger and move up the rank in Shadow of Mordor and he is trying to create something similar but improve upon the system or at least that what he told at the EGX Rezzed. He didn't really go into the specifics about what this new project he is working on is called or what it will even do, so we will just have to wait and see what the studio has in store for gamers.

    Samsung's Double Wide Display
    Currently most wide display monitors are around 34 inches to 35 inches, but Samsung's new panel measures to a whopping 49 inches. The massive display will have a resolution of 3840 x 1080. The company has also coined the term "double full HD" or DFHD for short. Their massive monitor is among the very first monitor of its kind. Samsung has released a few monitors in the past that were considered wide display monitors, but Samsung has never released anything close to this size. The monitor will also be curved and it features a 1800R curvature. What is more surprising is that the monitor will have a refresh rate of 144 Hz. This is huge news for gamers because many wide display panels have only been able to go up to 100 Hz. The top of the line wide panel gaming display is currently the Predator X34 which is a 34 inch curved display that can only go up to 100 Hz. Without a doubt, the new age of monitors is coming soon and it seems like Samsung is leading charge. Production for these panels will start sometime September and will not be available to consumers until early next year. There is no information regarding the price of the monitor yet but if I could guess, it should be around the $1,200 mark.


    Facebook adds an educational guide to help users learn to spot fake news
    In a recent blog post, Facebook said it will be showing up an alert to an “educational tool” whenever a user logs onto the service, which will assist them in detecting fake news. Clicking the alert directs you to a Help Center page that contains tips to help you determine whether the news you are reading are truthful or not. Those tips can be anything from basic advice like “be skeptical,” to detailed instructions like “look closely at the URL” and “check the author’s sources.” This feature might not be very effective although it has a good intention, because it relies on whether the users remember those tips when reading news or not. Having the link shown up next to suspicious news articles would be a more effective option. It looks like Facebook is actively fighting fake news that are spreading on the platform, considering it has partnered with third-party fact-checkers in Germany and France, in order to eliminate fake content, and showed they are open to the idea of paying fact-checkers for this job. Facebook also recently released the flagging option for users to flag fake news helping the algorithms down-rank it from the News Feed. This new feature is rolling out to users in 14 countries which Facebook didn’t specify yet.


    Frank Ocean - Biking ft. Jay-Z & Tyler, The Creator
    Frank has been releasing a lot of music recently after his 4 year break from releasing anything. This week Frank has released a single called "Biking" featuring Jay-Z and record-mate Tyler, The Creator. The song starts off with Jay-Z rapping and fades into Frank. We'll start with Jay-Z; Jay comes in with some easily misunderstood lines right off the bat. If you're unaware of the prestige of Jay-Z then his lines might confuse you or just seem like something to brush off. He talks about how life will always go in cycles, he mentions he was the one to start the trend of Audemars. He compares himself to ET on a Bike, he also compares the handlebars of a bike to xanny bars. Shockingly Jay even makes 3 BMX references towards the end of his verse and uses wordplay to create a triple entendre as well (triple entendre). Frank then comes in with the next 2 verses. There's a lot of content here, but I'm going to skip to particular verse I thought was neat. Frank says "Think I want me a lil' one that look like my clone / Me and my baby can't do on our own / I landed a trick, got my impossibles" What Frank is saying here is that he wishes he could have a child of his own, but unfortunately he cannot due to the fact him and his partner are both males. The last line in the quote is a skateboard reference to the trick "The Impossible". Frank is using the skate reference to show that he's going to complete the impossible. In this case of course a gay couple adopting a child has been done before but it's used to just show it's not natural. Now for the last verse, Tyler. If you're a fan of Frank Ocean and Tyler, you'll enjoy this reunion a lot. It's very nice to have them both back on the same song. Half of Tyler's verse is one giant reference to his previous 2013 song with Frank about bikes called "Slater".
    I give this song a 10 / 10. Incredibly nice to have Frank Ocean back on the scene for good.

    17 years no champions.
    1999. That's the exact year Feyenoord became champions of the Dutch Eredivisie. Feyenoord, the regular Rotterdam football has struggled the past years to become champions again. They were close each year, but they just couldn't beat Ajax and PSV. Once, they were standing so bad they could even degrade, which has never occurred before in the history of Rotterdam's major Football club Feyenoord. But it seems that with just a few more games to go, Feyenoord is crawling towards that champions title. Although Ajax is close in second (1 point behind), Feyenoord has a goal difference of more than ten. Feyenoord still has to go to a football club they always struggle with (away) so that will be their decisive match. Ajax will be playing against number Three PSV that is doing everything they can to lock their third position and mark it safe. Feyenoord is hungry for that title and is doing everything they can to grab that title, while Ajax is doing the same. Feyenoord against Ajax is the derby of The Netherlands, they always worshiped each other. The two biggest cities with the two biggest clubs aren't even allowed to bring away supports in anymore, because of the riots and injuries/deaths fallen the past couple of years. We here in The Netherlands are awaiting with joy, but on the other hand fear. With less than 5 games to go, Feyenoord has the cup in sight.

    55-year record smashed away
    Something miracle happened in the NBA yesterday. In the night of Sunday to Monday, Russell Westbrook broke a 55-year-old record from the NBA. Russell Westbrook is known for his extreme precise shots and assists. Oklahoma City Thunder won against Denver Nuggets in the last second by scoring a 2 pointer. Which made the final score (105 DN - 106 OCT). What's unique about this record is that Russell Westbrook scored sixteen rebounds and ten assists. Last record holder was Oscar Robertson, with 10.1 rebounds and 9.7 assists as an average. Due to the record that was broken yesterday and the final score, there is no chance at all for Denver Nuggets to participate in the playoffs anymore, and are out of the run now. Russell Westbrook is now the second player ever to get a triple-double average in the NBA history. Here are the stats from Russell Westbrook in detail:

    Games: 80
    Rebounds: 10.7
    Assists: 10.4
    Win Shares: 13.2

    Presidential paintings
    After couple years of retirement, US's ex-President George W. Bush has made his painting hobby public. A book has now been released about his tribute to servicemen and women. A lot of close people to President George Bush are as surprised as everyone else in the world about his great passions for painting and the works he had secretly stashed in his basement. It did not stop there. A handful of his portraits now have their own exhibition; his "Portraits of Courage" exhibition is now opened, located in Dallas. President George Bush's focus on military service initiatives to help soldiers with life after their military service sparked his interest in doing something with his passion. He briefly stated, “What I am sure of is that each painting was done with a lot of care and respect.” He humbly says he is still a beginner in the art world but is determine to learn and keep going.

    This Artist Turns Sweat and Bacteria Into Art
    Ever used a microscope slide to look at bacteria or anything that is microscopic? Now have you ever seen art made by these exact tools? Did you know your constantly sweating? Now have you ever thought of using that sweat to make art? Well this week a artist named Anicka Yi has done just that. he pungent odor of decomposing kombucha leather, the acrid tang of burning paper, or the cloying sweetness of deep-fried flowers wafts through the halls. The New York–based artist specializes in olfaction, evoking reactions through sense of smell. “I create scents based on a narrative,” Yi says, “whether it’s about capturing an elusive memory or trying to profile a human being" (1 Olson). So the next time you sneeze or sweat maybe think about how this makes you human and how it makes you, you...

    League of Legends Hacks and Cheats
    This week @SuperMarlon007 brought us a simply astonishing League of Legends hack! This hacked client is extremely simple to use as always. But always be cautious while using you don't wanna get banned. This week's hack includes: Zoomhack, AFK-Bot, Ping-Checker, Chat-Spammer. If you'd like to see more information on how to use these hacks and their uses you can find that in the thread below! Along with helpful tips and how to use the client. This hack is extremely useful. I can easily guarantee you will have hours of fun this week using this hacked client and for I for sure be using it. So as always, it's easy to use, and as well a very easy installation as well so no need to worry about that! Have fun using this hack!


    This week we are featuring the Anti-Malware section, which is currently not moderated.
    I think we can all agree, we hate viruses since they can lead to us requiring to format our hard drives.
    Never fear because MPGH has a section just for you! This section provides information on what malware is and a list of programs that will help exterminate these malware.
    Our most beloved Game Hacking Team member, @[MPGH]master131, has given the advice
    Quote Originally Posted by master131
    never install 2 anti-viruses at once
    So rather than having to do research on anti-malware programs, you can freely access them right here, compiled by different MPGH users such as @Alen.
    If you choose to install ESET and need some free license keys, I suggest you view @StrongCore's ESET License Key giveaway found here.

    I need my MnM's now!
    A few days ago an unidentified man was trying to pay for his MnM's by using a credit card that kept getting rejected. After it got rejected, he blamed the cashier for this and proceeded to pull his hair and punch him across the aisle! He then punched the monitor and threw bananas at the other cashier while he ran out of the store. This happened at a gas station and local authorities have been informed so that the culprit may be identified.

    Around $700 worth of equipment was supposedly damaged and whilst some have assumed that this man has mental issues, others have agreed that it's much more probable that the man was simply racist (he looked at the cashiers in disgust and perpetually told them to go back to where they came from). Given the recent rise in racism since the current President, events like these are becoming quite common. Stay safe everyone, and don't be racist!

    Interview - [MPGH]JDXT

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Hey JDXT, thanks for taking the time to do an Interview for the MPGH News. How has your week been so far?

    [MPGH]JDXT: Been an eventful week, started with a 2 day suspension from school so that's something. How about you?

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Thanks for asking. I've been sick all week... But except that my week was very good. I have vacation now for 2 weeks . Is there anything exciting that happened to you lately?

    [MPGH]JDXT: Not much. I lead a pretty normal life. I'm going Barcelona in a week so that's pretty cool.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Barcelona is sick! Can you tell us how you joined MPGH and what made you stay?

    [MPGH]JDXT: I had an account in 2011, I don't know the user and I lost access to the email address unfortunately. So fast forward to 2016 and I built my first computer and was super into PC hacks so it just kinda came to be the first thing I came for though is Infamous GTA Mod Menu which back in the day was pretty cool. Stayed for the marketplace, introduced me to a whole new world even though my first transaction on MPGH ending up in me getting scammed £80 ;(. Well you learn xD

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Rip your money... You have been picked as a Minion a few weeks ago. What was your reaction?

    [MPGH]JDXT: When I got chosen for minion I was excited, I got a PM from Liz and I was legit shocked to see that I was the only one chosen for the GTA section. I've always enjoyed moderating in whatever it is so it was good to see I was able to moderate one of my favourite franchise sections.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: I see. Can you tell us what your favorite section is at MPGH and why?

    [MPGH]JDXT: General, because memes.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Lol. So what do you do when you're not on MPGH? What are your hobbies?

    [MPGH]JDXT: Truth be told I don't end up with much time after school, but I always try split my time between friends, which just ends up in doing all different bunch stuff, and Video Games. Usually when when we have school breaks or half term I'm travelling.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Last question. If you could change something at MPGH, what would it be?

    [MPGH]JDXT: The one thing I would say which would be good to change is the trading system, if we had a completely automated escrow system we can avoid 80% of scams.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: I agree. Do you want to give out a Shout-out to someone before we end the interview?

    [MPGH]JDXT: Shout to @Liz for giving me the position and shout out to @Hugo Boss for his commitment and activity on MPGH.

    [MPGH]Nyaro: Okay! It was a pleasure to interview you. Take care!

    [MPGH]JDXT: Thanks, you too!

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    Nice section of the week.

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    Section of the week is the most inactive section on MPGH lmao
    Good job news team!

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    Section of the week is the most inactive section on MPGH lmao
    Good job news team!
    Can't always feature the most active sections can we?

    Better to choose sections which are going to be helpful to users that aren't visited often

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    Thanks for the news.

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    Quite a nice read, didn't expect that from Bush.

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    Nice to know that there's a new team for something like this here at this community. I might stay here longer with the structure of it.

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