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    MPGH News - 156th Edition

    156th Edition - May 30th, 2017
    Snapple Fact: You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching TV.

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    Angela Merkel says Germany can no longer rely on the US
    Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, has said that that Germany & the rest of Europe can no longer rely on the United States and Donald Trump. She spoke at a campaign held in a Bavarian beer tent, and has stipulated how they must maintain friendly and peaceful relationships with US, Russia, and Britain, but made it clear that, "... Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands." She has added that traditional western alliance has been affected through the US presidency and Brexit, and it is currently being threatened. Her comments came after Donald Trump said he needs more time to decide whether or not US will be a part of the Paris climate deal, which since has angered and annoyed diplomats. Trump, who previously considered global warming to be a hoax, conspired by the Chinese, has come under pressure from leaders around the world to honour the US Paris climate agreement to limit carbon emissions. He tweeted on May 27, "I will make my final decision on the Paris Accord next week!" Although Trump has insisted on this, the climate deal, which has been signed by 195 countries, and Trump's reluctance, clearly annoyed Merkel. "The entire discussion on climate was very difficult, if not to say very dissatisfying." There is no obvious sign that Trump will sign the deal.


    Australia plans to ban pedophiles from travelling overseas
    Australia plans to ban pedophiles from travelling overseas. The government stated it is their attempt on to protect children in Southeast Asia from exploitation. Australian pedophiles often take inexpensive vacations to nearby Southeast Asian and Pacific destinations, where there is low control on pedophilia & other laws, and exploit the children that live in those locations. Foreign minister Julie Bishop stated she would cancel the passports of over 20,000 pedophiles that are registered on the national child sex offender list, which is currently under the process of legislation and will be introduced to parliament at some point. Bishop stated, "there has been an increasing amount of community concern about sexual exploitation of vulnerable children and community concern is justified." She goes on to say, "There will be new legislation which will make Australia a world leader in protecting vulnerable children in our region from child sex tourism." Justice Minister Michael has said that there is no such travel ban employed anywhere in the world, and this is a new step towards preventing the dangerous acts of pedophilia on vulnerable children.


    Google's AlphaGo Just Beat The Chinese Grandmaster In A "God-Like" Victory
    At the first Go meeting, AlphaGo's computer system, created by DeepMind, beat the world's strongest player in Go. Until then, the Chinese world champion said he saw an opportunity to defeat the computer system, but for the time being it does not succeed. After 4 hours and 15 minutes, the 19-year-old Go Master acknowledged his defeat. Now the result is 1:0 in favor of the computer.
    The head of DeepMind concluded that in this party with the champion played a refurbished system with a fundamentally modified architecture. Thanks to this, AlphaGo is constantly learning, in various ways. And yet, DeepMind's new platform can be trained in practically everything, not just Go.
    At this match, the Chinese began with the "3-3 point" strategy used by the computer in January. This is an unexpected start that would confuse every man, but AlphaGo is not a man, and that tactic did not have any influence on him. The computer responded with the strategic moves learned by the parties with the previous champion, Li Sedol. Three and a half hours later it became clear that the computer system was performing better.
    The founders of this AI shared that the Renewed System was using its resources more efficiently. In this game, the artificial intelligence used 10 times less resources than in meetings with Li Sedol. AlphaGo is based on TPU (Tensor Processing Unit), Google's specialized processor.
    Until recently, it was believed that GO was unachievable for the computer, because of the massive use of abstractions and strategies, as well as the prediction of the opponent's moves, was necessary. All Go's possible moves are more than the atoms in the entire universe, and it is impossible for all to be played and stored in the memory of the computer. It requires the use of complex strategies that computers were thought to be unable to do.
    World champion Khe Tze who won several times against Li Sedol thought he could beat AlphaGo but now he changed his mind and said he no longer intends to play against a computer.

    DJI Handicaps Drones
    In a very recent update, DJI has made a change in their policy regarding the purchase and ownership of all of their drones. Just last weekend, DJI released a public statement stating that drones that are not registered to DJI will be subject to a handicap. In order to not be effected by the handicap, the drones must be registered to the company. Handicapped drones will have a limited height of 98 feet (30 meters) and a radius of 164 feet (50 meters). Not only with the flight be severely limited, the live video feed will be disabled as well. DJI decided to make this decision after the US Appeals Court decided that the FAA has no authority to make drone owners register their drones. In order to prevent the misuse of their drones, DJI decided to "force" DJI drone owners to register their drones.


    Google is offering new Google Play Music subscribers four free months
    If you are thinking about getting a google music then right now is a great time, since first time subscribers will get FOUR months free service with their subscription. Usually they don't do this sort of deal but right now they are giving you 4 months instead of the usual 90 day trail, so make sure if you do not want to be charged after the initial four months to cancel your service otherwise you will be charged for further usage of the service. This is a great service which google offers to compete with music giants like Spotify. Some of the things you get when you subscribe with Google music is that you are able to download music offline, play it on multiple devices, play songs without running into those very annoying ads that everyone hates, custom stations which you can create just for YOU, and much more. Google hasn't exactly said how long they will keep this amazing around for, so make sure you get your trail as soon as possible if you are wanting to try it out.

    Please Don't Touch My Raf
    A$AP Mob released a new song this week titled "RAF". This song features A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert and Frank Ocean. With some of the hottest features of the year this song is nothing but heat. The main hook of the song sung by Rocky "please don't touch my raf" has been made into a global streetwear meme. Frank Ocean's verse in this song is an unusual side of Frank that many of us have never seen. In "RAF" Frank Ocean actually raps instead of singing. On the first listen through it actually took me a little off guard. Like always his vocals and lyrics are impeccable. In my honest opinion the song could have been better without Quavo in it and here's why. Quavo's voice doesn't seem to match any of the other artists. His flow is off compared to the others in the song. The same could possibly be said about Lil Uzi, but it's much more noticable in Quavo. Overall I thouroughly enjoyed this song and it's definitely getting added to my party playlist.
    I give this song a 9 / 10. If you want to listen to this song you can do so here:

    Chase Elliott, Brad Keselowski involved in fiery Coca-Cola 600 crash
    You always hope that there is no accidents but where there are fast cars involved there is usually a accident that follows right behind. On Sunday night Coca-Cola-600 that is exactly what happened when Chase Elliott and Brad Keselowski got into a major wreck in the middle on the track. The whole incident started when people noticed fiery sparks coming out of Jeffrey Earnhardts car and then Elliott car smashed right behind him. Both of the party involved were very disappointed about the accident and Keselowski said he couldn't break,turn or do anything but just watch the incident take place. Both Elliot and Keselowski had some serious damage but other racers didn't get get out this unfortunate event unscathed either. Hopefully all the racers involved make a full recovery and are back on the tracks with a full recovery.

    Let that pathetic mugshot of Tiger Woods be a reminder
    Once upon a time Tiger Woods name was a family name and a name that resembled perfection. All that faded away almost ten years ago when he got caught up in a cheating scandal and ruined his image, nowadays Woods is just a washed up superstar. However don't let me fool you when I say washed up because he is still very rich beyond belief and still famous. However this week Woods was arrested and booked by the palm beach county sheriff on one account of DUI and this mug shot just tells you how worn out he is. He recently had a fusion surgery that went well and he wrote on a website that he hasn't felt this good in ages and he is ready to get back to playing golf. One would think that he would get his act together but this DUI has shown us that he is still in his rough patch, however many people think just because you are rich and famous you are not allowed mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes but famous people like Tiger Woods are just in the spotlight way more often than a typical everyday person. Hopefully Tiger Woods will get over this crisis and get his life back on the right track.

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    Good job News Team!

    Seems like Tiger has a drug issue,

    It's a shame, one of the best golfers

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    Poor Tiger...even more tears...

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    Oh Tiger.. Completely different from before
    If I helped you with anything, giving me Thanks and Reputation would be awesome!

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    Good job, newsforce!
    That was a short edition.

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    Good stuff newsforce.
    I think this is a first (seeing Australia in the global news)

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    I remember when Woods was a hero. Good times.
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    Good job!

    Also, I added you on Skype but not sure if it's you @Hova

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    Great news as usual
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