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    MPGH News - 168th Edition

    168th Edition - August 21st, 2017

    Did you miss the eclipse today? Make sure to prepare for the next one. Mark your calendars. April 8, 2024.

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    Jurassic World Evolution
    Universal, Microsoft and the Frontier Developments studio used Gamescom 2017 to announce Jurassic World Evolution.
    It reminds us of the forgotten genius of building managers and simulations where you need to create and take care of different structures.
    In this case, you can build your own dinosaur park, fill it with different animals and attractions for the audience, and with laboratories where you can develop new species. Englishmen from Frontier know well how these simulations are made after they have created Planet Coaster and RollerCoaster Tycoon.
    Jurassic World Evolution has to come out in the summer of 2018 for Xbox One, although more versions for PlayStation 4 and PC are planned. The aim is for the premiere to coincide with the release of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, which is the fifth part of the movie series.


    Monster Hunter: World trailers show off a gorgeous environment and new creatures
    Recently there has been big hypes for a upcoming game calling Monster Hunter:World made by Capcom and the hype is just getting bigger with the new previews and trailer videos. The first trailer they released was very well received by fans and critics alike and it was set in a desert like wildspire waste land and it kind of reminds you of Monster hunter 3 Ultimate sandy plains. the Everything we've seen about Monster Hunter: World looks very promising, and the new videos Capcom released today are no exception.This newest trailer they released shows swamps, caves, and sandy dunes. It looks cool, however what most people really liked about the new trailer was not the land but the many monsters that inhabited the land. For long time fans of the franchise the trailer shows characters returning in the new game such as Diabolos and Barroth. There are other characters such as Tri however those are just some of the characters you might see since this is after all a trailer and you will not see all of the returning npcs in the trailer. Overall people are looking forward to this new installment of Monster hunter franchise however we will have to see if the game lives up to the fans hype expectations.

    Lenovo just launched three new VR-ready gaming towers
    Virtual Reality has become a ever increasing part of gamers life also known as VR and that won't stop with now since gaming companies are releasing Towers with Virtual Reality headsets built directly in the system. Lenovo is the latest company that has done this and they released not just one but three different variations with VR built in it. There are three different models with different prices but if you want the best top of the line model then you will want Legion Y920, not only does it come with Windows 10 pre installed but it also comes with Intel core I7-770k quad-core processor and it is also powered by the latest Nvidia 1080 G force Graphics card. You can get it as soon as September however if you want the liquid cooling that comes with the tower and is also one of the selling point of the system then you will have to wait till October. The prices for this towers start at 2,229 pounds for the non liquid cooling tower or also $2715.00.

    Android Oreo officially arrives, but it isn't on phones just yet
    After a couple of months of waiting, Google officially announced that the next version of Android will be named Android Oreo. It is being pushed out of the developer preview to its Android Open Source Project Today. According to Google I/O, the new android version includes feature updates like notification dots on app icons, picture-in-picture mode, Android Instant App compatibility, and an autofill tool to make personal information and password entry more safe and secure. It will also reduce the background apps’ over usage of the device’s battery, which will help extend the charge. Google also confirmed that Nexus 5X / 6P builds have begun carrier testings. Beta testers will get the final version of the Android Oreo rolled out to them today. If you are interested in downloading it to your device, check Google’s blog for instructions. All the non-Google device users should wait longer to receive their over-the-air updates.


    Jazz Cartier - Nobody's Watching
    Jazz Cartier will be the next big artist, especially if he keeps dropping tracks like this one. He's a bit lit on when he said he was to release "Nobody's Watching", but well accepted no matter the date. Jazz stated at SXSW 2016 that he had a track coming with Mike Will. Many of us weren't sure it was ever coming, but he's finally gifted us. "Nobody's Watching" was released as part of Redbull's Sound Select series, following up RBSS's pairing of Montell2029 and 21 Savage for "Hunnid on the Drop". However, there's more on the way as "Nobody's Watching" is part of a joint release from Redbull Sound Select. As for "Nobody's Watching," Jazz says of the song concept: "the inspiration for this song came about after talking to one of my homegirls, who said 'you know, when I’m getting ready, I like to dance like nobody’s watching.'"
    You can listen to this song here.
    I give this song a 10 / 10. Great beat, great vocals and a great artist.

    Justin Thomas has won the PGA Championship for his first major title.
    Justin thomas, the son professional golfer and member PGA board of directors Mike Thomas, finally secured his first major win with the PGA. Shooting at 3 under he outclassed his competitors and was able to secure his fourth title win of the year. The entirety of the 18 holes Justin was playing head to head with Kevin Kinser, he actually began the day 2 shots behind Kinser. After the bottom 9 holes he was able to secure his victory over Kisner and others as he had several clutch shots to keep him on top of the competitors. Roy McIlroy, a fellow professional golfer, went into the match with high hopes of a win as he had several excellent performances leading up to the PGA championship, but he ended up short. He blames his failure on muscle spasms he had been having recently, "he has felt spasms from a muscle in his upper back the last few weeks. He says he has been practicing more than usual the last few weeks to get ready for the PGA Championship." This excuse isn't going to stop Justin Thomas from celebrating his first major win!

    Mark Stoneman replaces Keaton Jennings in England squad for Day-Night Test vs West Indies
    England announced the squad for the upcoming three-match Test series against West Indies with Mark Stoneman as the only change after the series against South Africa. The Surrey opener will be replacing struggling Keaton Jennings. Stoneman, the left-hander who has struck three centuries and averaged 59 in first-class cricket since moving from Durham to Surrey this season, is guaranteed to make his debut in place of Jennings who, for all the promise shown with a century on debut in Mumbai last December, has averaged 15 in his first home Test summer and suffered some repetitive dismissals. Stoneman will be making his debut in England’s first day-night Test match. “He’s obviously got a huge amount of runs under his belt, this season in particular, and in previous seasons as well. He’s got a well-rounded game, he’s a bit more experienced having played a lot of county cricket and I’m excited to see him hopefully take his opportunity.”

    Three new fascinating Facebook Updates
    There are multiple features that Facebook is planning to welcome to their application. Firstly, Geo Control in Facebook Live, where people are able to control specific geographical regions, or a specific time zone, hence giving the Facebook user the ability to filter down his target audience, instead of receiving interactions from non-targeted audience. Additionally, Facebook bought a new start-up company by the name Fayteq, adding the plugin fayIN, through the use of this plugin the average Facebook user is able to add different overlays, add/remove objects from videos, etc. Providing the Facebook user with a numerous amount of effects will be making Facebook videos more fascinating and attention-grabbing. For example, with a glimpse of an eye the Facebook user is able to add realistic graffiti on the walls, or any other video effect, such as snow, future eye-glasses, etc. using the plugin. Moreover, Facebook decided to add a marketplace considering the amount of traffic that buy/sell groups receive (equating to 450 million people each month) last October. Therefore, the official Facebook marketplace was introduced, since then the marketplace had a numerous amount of traffic and visitors, thus Facebook decided August of this year to expand the marketplace to 17 other European countries, due to the big success; whereas, 18 million items were sold alone through the Facebook US Marketplace since then.

    Battlefield 1 Hacks & Cheats
    Today’s edition, we’ll be looking at the Battlefield 1 Internal Hack created by tonyx97, Netspider1 and a few others. It has a tonne of features which are very customisable to your hacking needs. Its main features include ESP, aimbot, aimbot on horses & tanks, radar and everyone’s favourite, no recoil. All these features are highly customisable, just refer to the screenshot of the hack above. More information about the hacks specifics can be found in the Battlefield 1 Internal Hack thread. In addition to the featured hack, we always warn our readers to take caution on when using this hack or any other hacks. There are always consequences to hacking or modding, especially on a monitored game like Battlefield 1. Some tips to stay out of getting banned would be not to brag or over use the hack in game, always reading the latest on the Battlefield 1 Internal Hack threads for any updates or comments from other users. Sometimes there may be comments suggesting the hack is detected. As well as checking the entire Battlefield 1 section for any news. As always, happy hacking!

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    Thanks a lot @Hova ! All the tears that came down from all the other news articles filled up my backyard pool.

    ^ wow this shit super old and outdated

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    No snapple fact? Sad


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    well done ladies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
    No snapple fact? Sad
    IKR, thats the only reason I tune into the news. Its certainly not to get updated on Golf and Cricket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave84311 View Post
    No snapple fact? Sad
    Snapple fact: In New York, the words "solar eclipse" and "my eyes hurt" had 100 searches each with 5 minutes difference

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    What about wtf news?

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    Whats the difference between minions and minions+ ?

    Also i want that T-800 aka gerass getting promoted to Administrator.
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    Dang, fist time reading one of these news updates, these are really cool

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    Thanks for the update !

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