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    MPGH News - 171st Edition

    171st Edition - September 11th, 2017
    Snapple Fact: In 1969, El Salvador waged war on Honduras after it lost against Honduras in a soccer match.

    The NFL season is back!

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    $ 150,000 annual salary in Overwatch
    But the Overwatch player had to get the consent of his parents because he was not legally able to sign contracts.
    eSports teams are furiously competing and each of them wants to become a star and win a lot. One of those top players is American Overwatch gamer Jay "sinatraa" Won, who signed a contract a few hours ago with a $ 150,000 annual salary. Sinatraa will earn $ 100,000 more than the minimum wage in the league, 17 years of age.
    This figure came after the negotiations between NRG eSports and Cloud9. Eventually, the boy received the NRG's contract and his mother signed the contract on his behalf. He will now work with coach and co-owner of Selfless Gaming Brad Rajani, who is the chief coach and manager of NRG eSports Overwatch.
    And furthermore, to this salary sinatraa receives all overwatch bonuses, including medical insurance, retirement insurance, and a share of not less than 50% of all awards won by cyber victories. In addition, for the first season, a $ 3.5 million bonus pool and a special $ 1 million bonus pool will be distributed to all players.
    What else can we expect from an industry that already generates a profit of over $ 1 billion.


    Sony is releasing three new translucent PS4 controllers this month
    Sony will release a trio of new translucent DualShock 4 controllers, giving '90s kids feelings of nostalgia for an era when seeing the internal components of your gaming hardware was a regular thing. Sony announced through an official blog post that the new controllers will come in three color options of Crystal, Blue Crystal, and Red Crystal. It's important to note that only the front panel will be translucent, as the back panel will be solid. This isn't an entirely "new thing" though... Back in 2015, Sony released a Crystal DualShock 4 controller but it didn't include the upgraded touchpad with the new glimpse of the LED light bar. It will be a little bit difficult to collect all three controllers because each variant is exclusive to a different retailer. New controllers will be available on October 18th.

    RED's Holographic Smart Phone Display
    Around a month or so ago, the company behind the widely used line of cinema grade cameras known as RED announced to the public that they will be releasing a smartphone. The premise behind the smartphone is to incorporate their own line of cameras into the phone itself. This will essentially provide consumers a much better smartphone/camera option. It is a well known fact that RED produces some of the greatest cameras that are being used in big blockbuster films such as The Avengers. By providing similar results in a small form factor such as a smartphone, many consumers have shown interest for the product. One of the selling points along with the great camera quality, is a holographic display. As of now, there has been almost zero information regarding the holographic display. Just recently, RED decided to shed some light on the display since the phone was open for pre-orders. From what we know based on various tech blog sites, the company has partnered up with a startup company known as Leia Inc. The startup company is dedicated towards providing holographic displays for smartphones. As for the display itself, the workings behind it is not exactly clear. Essentially, the LED display will project a 3D image that can be viewed in various of angles based on your position from the screen. There is currently no footage of the screen itself besides some test runs. Of course, the effect can only be seen in person. The RED phone is set to be released with a price tag of around $1,195 around early 2018.


    Xiaomi’s latest laptop targets Apple’s MacBook Pro
    Last year, Xiaomi made its way to the laptop market through its Mi Notebook Air which was aimed at Apple's MacBook Air in both the name and design. As expected, Xiaomi is also launching its new Mi Notebook Pro this year, focusing on Apple's MacBook Pro. The Mi Notebook Pro enjoys a 15.6-inch display (1920 x 1080) with tiny bezels, an Intel quad-core i7 processor, up to 16GB of RAM, Nvidia's GeForce MX150 graphics card, and an SSD storage up to 1TB. It also includes a 3-in1 card reader, two regular USB ports, two USB-C ports, a fingerprint sensor integrated into its touchpad, and a full-sized HDMI port. The company made it clear that it has a better variety of ports than Apple's four Thunderbolt 3 USB-C ports in its MacBook Pro. Other than the 1080p display, the specs look really powerful. Xiaomi didn't mention when or where the laptop will be available yet, but they've started selling their previous version of the laptop in China, so there is a good chance will be initially sold in China. Xiaomi priced the Mi Notebook Pro at 6399 Chinese yuan ($980) for the base model.


    Neck Deep - The Peace and the Panic
    Neck Deep's "The Peace and the Panic" released on August 18th. This pop-punk band has been making a lot of statements with their music lately becoming largely popular. This particular album seems to revolve around ideas of an atomic bomb. It's been an album that I can't put down. A series of music videos have also come from this album, and they're worth a watch. "In Bloom" and "Motion Sickness" come to mind, in the Motion Sickness video the guys from Neck Deep can be seen wandering LA skate parks and various clips show them live in concert. In the In Bloom music video the guys are located in an all pink environment with pink instruments as they sing about a relationship. This band gives off some Blink-182 vibes, and also vibes from bands similar to All Time Low. The entire album is for sale on iTunes and can also be listened to on YouTube.
    I give this album a 9 / 10. I loved almost every song and the replayability on this album is amazing.

    Over the past year Americans have spent over 100 billion on sports
    Sports have always been an extremely popular thing to participate in or just watch. Across the US, one of the biggest countries for sports in the world, America has a whole has spent over 100 billion dollars on sports. This can range from tickets and merchandise from pro teams to equipment and stadiums of high school sports, "Americans have spent more than $100 billion over the past year on sporting events, athletic equipment, and gym memberships." Along with thousands of apps for gambling with sports and other money-making things as this, there is a huge market for money in sports. Michael Jordan, Lebron James and a few other athletes have billion dollar clothing lines with their shoes they used on the court to the hoodies and sell to represent them. Not only have Americans spent over $100b, the money is only getting more exponential, it's rising each year and more money is being dumped into it. If I ever had a shot to be a professional athlete, I would take it for sure!


    Terraria Hacks
    A game we haven’t featured much of in the past editions of MPGH News Hack Of The Week is Terraria. Today, we’ll be breaking that trend and featuring Jake's Terraria Hack v6.0 Fully Rewritten by @Jacklz (lead developer), pyton789 & Uhmazing (both helping with development). Whilst Terraria is an old game, it’s always fun to throwback and play some of the classics. This hack is jam packed with features, I will just mention the key categories of hacks as there are so many individual hacks. Some of the hack's categories include Player Hacks, Buff Hacks, Debuff Hacks, Wing Hacks, Mount Hacks, Accessory Hacks, Damage Hacks, Teleport Hacks, Misc, World, Inv Editor and Proj Editor. The chances of you getting banned from using the hack is the same as any other. You aren’t invincible so always be cautious when using them. Check the Terraria Hacks section regularly for updates and news, as well as Jake's Terraria Hack thread. Happy hacking!

    Interview - [MPGH]Zaczero


    Nyaro: Hey Zaczero, thanks for taking the time to do an Interview for the MPGH News. How has your week been so far?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: hmm first week in school you know :P. It wasn't too hard tho.

    Nyaro: Lucky you, My school started a month ago. Is there anything exciting that happened to you lately?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: The most exciting thing last time was my visit in a theatre :P.
    It was 1 hour show and I really enjoyed it. I was there with my school friend

    Nyaro: Oh cool, what did you watch and what was it about?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: The title was "Dyzma once again" and it was about a guy who was a musician at the beginning then got into some big party, met people from higher spheres, got rich and became prime minister of the country
    I liked the thing that he hasn't done anything to get there and it was all caused by his luck.

    Nyaro: Can you tell us how you joined MPGH and what made you stay?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: Back in 2013 I was a casual cs:go noobie looking for free cheats :P
    I found the mpgh and had to register do download them. |-(

    Few years later I started developing my own cheats and mpgh was the place where I could public them
    and after all this time im still here. :P

    Nyaro: You are currently Minion. What section do you take care of and what was your reaction when you were picked?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: I'm the minion of League of Legends.
    I was happy. :P
    It was a normal Wednesday morning just before school, you wake up, take your phone and you are the new minion on MPGH.
    The first few days were very stressful for me. :P

    Nyaro: Can you tell us what your favorite section is at MPGH and why?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: I got 2:
    Programming and Art Design
    Programming because you can find some 'unusual' releases and some interesting stuff that you may didn't know + you learn new things.
    In Art Design section you can find nice graphics and photos.
    I've published some also

    Nyaro: So what do you do when you're not on MPGH? What are your hobbies?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: Mostly programming and anime..
    I'm one of this 2d > 3d people.
    I also read some programming books. ( c# love )
    I'm also planning to start a game dev project in the nearest future!

    Nyaro: Last question. If you could change something at MPGH, what would it be?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: 1. Less scammers.
    2. Remove 10 chars limit from replies etc. (what is a difference when you can just add //2short and bypass it)
    3. Refresh mpgh image titles (higher quality, fresh design (slight changes) etc.)

    Nyaro:Good ideas. I can definitely agree. Do you want to give out a Shout-out to someone before we end the interview?

    [MPGH]Zaczero: @gerassss and
    @MaGicSuR stop pasterino

    Nyaro: It was a pleasure to interview you. Take care!

    [MPGH]Zaczero: Thanks. Bye!

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    oh my goodness @ Snapple fact


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    Me need more snapple facts yes yes

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    inb4 snapple fact news becomes a new position

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    Hahaha zac =D

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    Finally you renamed to good old gerasss(s).
    Last edited by hure1233; 09-12-2017 at 04:40 PM.
    Stay Strong.

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    Lmao that Snapple fact though.. Soccer gets intense!

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    Is there MacBook Pro hype ?

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