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    MPGH News - 184th Edition

    184th Edition - December 14th, 2017
    Snapple Fact: The shortest professional baseball player was 3 feet, 7 inches tall.

    - If you are interested in getting closer with the League of Legends (LoL), Realm of the Mad God (RoTMG) or Pokemon Go (PG) community and you meet the requirements, feel free to drop by and apply to be part of the Official MPGH League of Legends Skype Group here, Realm of the Mad God Skype Group here or Pokemon Go Skype Group here.
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    - The Publicists need some new wiki editors to join the team. If you've had experience with editing a wiki and have extensive knowledge of a game, please apply here.

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    Iraq declares end to fight against Islamic State, lands are ‘liberated’ from ISIS gangs
    Iraq announced on Saturday that the conflict against he Islamic Sate is over, after three years of combat the fight is over. The Iraqi security forces drove the extremist from all areas they once occupied. The Prime Minster Haider al-Abadi announced victory on the Iraqi state television Saturday evening. “Honorable Iraqis, you land has been completely liberated,” he said. “The liberation dream has become a reality. We achieved victory in difficult circumstances and with God’s help, the steadfastness of our people and the bravery of our heroic forces we prevailed.” He also stated that every territory has been recaptured and that the Iraqi flag is flying high. To celebrate their victory, the office declared a public holiday Sunday. The U.S government also offered their sincere congratulations of the victory they achieved. However, the terrorists are still capable of carrying out insurgent attacks, that’s why there are still troops deployed in regions claimed by Baghdad and Iraq’s Kurds – who are backed by U.S troops. Baghdad and Irbil have both proposed to talk, however the offer has not yet been accepted.


    Russia banned from 2018 Winter Olympics by International Olympic Committee
    Russia's Olympic team has been banned from participating in the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The team, its governmental officials, and any other representative are banned from attending. The flag of Russia and its respective national anthem will also not be played. Athletes that do want to attend must represent themselves under a neutral banner. This decision was reached after extensive investigation on Russia's sophisticated doping program of its own athletes, which provided them with unfair, and illegal versus the rules of the olympic games. All of Russia's gold medals have been stripped, and therefore completely wiped from the face of olympic history. Athletes who wish to attend under a neutral banner and have a history of rigorous drug testing can issue a petition to the committee to be accepted under a neutral banner. President Vladimir Putin predicted a potential boycott of the games, however, his spokesman, Dmitri S. Peskov, said no such thing is planned to occur. Whatever lies ahead, such an event will surely be noted in the history books as a huge moment in olympic history.


    Huge Overwatch Changes Announced for Season 8
    Overwatch's upcoming competitive season 8, which launches in January, will bring some huge changes to the matchmaking system "to increase match quality," the developer said in an Overwatch forum post. Those new implementations will change the way teammates are matched up. Blizzard will be limiting the maximum difference in Skill Rating between players, this means players will be matched up with allies and enemies that are more similarly ranked. The way that SR changes after a match above Diamond rank will be different in the new season. On January 2nd the personal performance SR adjustments for players in the Diamond skill tier and above will be turned off to encourage players to try to win rather than worry about their SR. All of those changes are expected to affect queue times negatively, you'll probably have to wait more time to find a match but it seems like a fair trade-off for a better match quality.

    Sony has sold over 70 million PlayStation 4 consoles
    Sony recently announced that the PlayStation 4 has hit a new milestone.The Japanese entertainment and technology conglomerate said that as of December 3 it has sold 70.6 million units of PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles. The company also has sold more than 617 million PS4 games. Microsoft hasn’t released unit sales numbers for the Xbox One since January of this year but it's estimated to be around 20 - 30 million units. Nintendo on the other side has sold 68 million units of its handheld gaming console, the Nintendo 3DS, since its announcement in 2011. It looks like Sony is winning the console war with Microsoft and Nintendo. The PS4 is rapidly approaching the lifetime sales of the PS3, which sold 80 million units over its entire lifespan, but the PS2 remains the best-selling video game console of all time with more than 155 Million units sold. Sony has also stepped up a bit with PlayStation VR which hit a new milestone topping 2 million units sold recently.

    Uber and NASA have agreed to create a network of flying taxis around the world, the BBC said.
    The contract with the US space agency provides for the development of software for the routing of the taxi, said Uber's production manager Jeff Holden.
    Uber plans to use manned and unmanned airplanes as a taxi, which can be ordered by phone, just like the traditional taxi service currently, informs Manager.
    The company has invited airline regulators to join the agreement with NASA and announced that the talks have begun very early to make everyone understand the project.
    Tests for the new cabin taxi service plan must start in Los Angeles in 2020, and the start of the project is planned for 2023.
    Uber does not think to create his own planes or helicopters but will use the aircrafts of the world's leading manufacturers including Aurora Flight Sciences, Embraer, Mooney, Bell Helicopter and Pipistrel Aircraft.
    The company for shared transportation is also leading talks to provide parking facilities for the rooftop taxi on the roofs of Los Angeles skyscrapers.
    So far NASA has not commented on the project with Uber, which is not the first one for the agency.
    Experts say taxi drivers will face a whole series of serious problems, including air traffic control, insurance, and registration of flying taxis.


    The OnePlus 5T is unable to stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video in HD
    The OnePlus 5T is surprisingly not capable of streaming Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other video services in HD, despite being a very powerful phone with high-end specs which are obviously capable of handling the quality. It was reported on their forums that it's due to the lack of support for Widevine Level 1 DRM which is required by most streaming services for HD quality. The phone currently supports Widevine Level 3 and it only covers SD streams. The company couldn't give an exact time frame to when the update will be brought out. According to TheVerge's tests, Netflix and Amazon's streams both were pixelated on the 5T phone, even when set to stream in the highest quality and connected to a fast WiFi network. Such an issue is strange to occur in such a powerful phone with high-end specs, but hopefully, the update will come soon.


    Instagram messenger
    Instagram recently began testing a separate split app for direct private messages; It will be similar to how Facebook messages split into Messenger in 2014.

    The stand-alone messaging app also integrates four new filters,
    including a video filter that randomly sensors your speech and the two others that put multiple images of you inside photo or video.

    The stand-alone Instagram direct app is currently being tested in Israel, Portugal, China, Chile, Turkey, and Uruguay.
    If those users in those areas choose to install the stand-alone app, the regular Instagram app loses the ability to send private messages.
    So you will have to open always the new app if you want to send/read a private message.

    The reason behind the idea for the split app is to be able to add more features in both apps. If we will be forced to download the second app and switch between the two to navigate between public posts and private messages is a question mark!

    Giants Fire Coach Ben McAdoo and General Manager Jerry Reese
    Giants head coach Ben McAdoo has been fired from his head coaching position along with the General Manager Jerry Reese. Going into the 2017 season the Giants were highly regarded as Superbowl contenders as they were coming off of a stellar 11-5 record with superstar Odell Beckham Jr leading the team. With Odell Beckham Jr and several other injuries debunking the team's Superbowl dreams, "lots of these traced back to poor drafting decisions by Reese", Ben McAdoo began making some serious changes. As the team's losses began rising this season McAdoo benched long-time quarterback Eli Manning. The treatment of Manning reached the ownership of the Giants and the owners fired McAdoo and Jerry Reese. The Giants currently have went from a Superbowl contending team to having the 2nd worst record in the league. Although the Giants have had a downward spiral of events there is still hope for the team. If the team continues with this historically bad record they will land a high draft pick to pair with Odell Beckham to hopefully give the next head coach a good chance at turning the team around.

    Realm of the Mad God Hacks & Cheats
    Every wanted to make playing Realm of the Mad God just a little easier? Did you ever wish you could auto use your abilities? This week, MPGH News is featuring K-Relayed. Its got tonnes of plugins you can install, such as the earlier mentioned auto abilities, Mule Manager, Loot Helper, Map Filter, Auto Nexus and much more. This hack has been around for a while, so if you haven’t heard of it, you might be living under a rock. It’s got everything you need to level up and dominate on Realm of the Mad God. I would like to put a strong emphasis that any hack you use, regardless if its for a flash game has consequences. There is a potential risk your account or computer could get banned from the game. If you adore your account, then I would strong suggest against using hacks. Always read up on thread and the section to check for updates and news. Stay safe and happy hacking!


    California fires
    Deadly fires sparked in Ventura county, the first fire-confirmed death was reported. Virgina Pesola, 70 years old of Santa Paula was seen dead in a car where the local police seen as a car crash. The cause of death was "blunt force injuries with terminal smoke inhalation and thermal injuries," This fast-moving fire has consumed 4,100 acres since it ignited Thursday in San Diego County. It exploded from half an acre to 500 acres in 20 minutes, according to San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn. It's 20% contained, and by Saturday had destroyed 105 structures and damaged 15 others, according to Cal Fire. It broke out Tuesday in Los Angeles County and has burned 6,049 acres. Firefighters are making progress, with 80% of the blaze contained. It started Wednesday as a brush fire in Los Angeles County. It has burned 421 acres and is now 75% contained.The blaze in Riverside County has burned 300 acres since it ignited Thursday. It's 90% contained.

    Uber Charges Passenger Over $14,000 For 5-Mile Ride Across Toronto
    An Uber customer in Toronto, Canada, was charged more than $14,000 for a five-mile, 21-minute ride that was supposed to cost under $20, according to Slate. The company has stated that it has since issued a full refund to the passenger. “There was an error here and it has been resolved,” an Uber spokesperson told Slate of the $18,518.50 Canadian dollar fare. “We have provided a full refund to this rider and apologized to him for this experience. We have safeguards in place to help prevent something like this from happening, and we are working to understand how this occurred.” A friend of the overcharged customer tweeted on Saturday about disputing the price. “My friend was charged 18K for a 20 Min ride (!), and they are sticking to it. What in the world??? This is insane!” Emily Kennard wrote alongisde a screenshot of the receipt for the ride. “He disputed and they aren’t backing down.”

    Interview - [MPGH]Gab


    Trol553: Hello Gab, thanks for doing interview with me today, what a pleasure!
    So let's begin with the easy peasy questions. Anything popped up recently, some kind of event or something, which would you share with us today?

    [MPGH]Gab: Hey, no problem. Nothing much, currently passing most of my times studying for my finals that are coming real soon, which is pretty boring. @Dave84311 and I are currently coding an embedded chat for MPGH, which I think will be pretty nice for the community. I don't have much time to advance it right now because of said finals, but it shouldn't take too much time before you guys can chat with your friends directly on the forum. We'll keep you guys updated on that

    Trol553: You mean like chatbox ? It will be accessible in which part of the site ?

    [MPGH]Gab: Yes, a chatbox. It will be accessible via a chat button on MPGH. You'll be able to access different channels or even talk privately with other members. Some of us already have access to it on the website. Here is a screenshot of our progress :

    Trol553: Okay Gab, I usually do not see members having tag "TM", pretty rare I would say if not rarest apart from most important admin badges. How did you get it? Tell us your secret recipé.

    [MPGH]Gab: Idon't think there is a secret recipe. I used to be pretty active in MPGH1, a chat with lots of staff and old members, so I guess that being known by many people helps a lot. It's not even about being involved in the community, just be active, troll around, make lots of friends and make sure to tell @Dave84311 and @arunforce that they are fags and that they can't code. I didn't even ask for it, Dave gave it to me after making a thread where people suggested members who they thought should be TM.

    Trol553: Where do you see MPGH like the site itself in the future? It grew and it is still growing, especially the marketplace from my experience.

    [MPGH]Gab: I think MPGH is much more than a gamehacking website, I don't even browse MPGH a lot anymore, I just stay around because I made some friends in the long run. Big love to @Hero, @Austin, @Shadow, @Toxin, @Killian. The marketplace is indeed getting pretty big, which also proves that MPGH is evolving into something that it wasn't before. I just think MPGH will evolve into whatever the members want it to evolve into.

    Trol553: I was just checking your activity. I would say most of your recent posts are from general section and you seem like a really, really good friend with Dave since you basically abuse him and no harm is done to you!

    [MPGH]Gab: Well yea, as I already said I don't comment a lot on MPGH anymore, I mostly just look. I'm active in the MPGH1 Skype chat and the Snapchat group, but that's about it. I only stay for my friends and people I enjoy talking to.

    Trol553: I like to play an easy game with people in my interviews. It is usually a question where you can choose from 2 options. It is known as "that or that game".
    Try to say why you chose which option.

    Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind or rather you would be never able to speak again ?

    [MPGH]Gab: I would rather never be able to speak ever again, because when you have to say everything on your mind you sometimes have to discuss things with people who don't want to learn and that's always a big loss of time.

    Trol553: Would you rather never being able to lie, or never be able to tell the truth?

    [MPGH]Gab: Never be able to tell the truth, because there's always a way to tell a white lie that is so small that it would be really close to the truth.

    Trol553: Thanks for interview, it was nice talk to you! Shoutouts to anyone?

    [MPGH]Gab: No problem. As I already did in the first question, Shoutout to @Hero, @Austin, @Shadow, @Toxin, @Killian, but also to @Dave84311, @arunforce, @kevin, @PsY and to whoever I forgot.

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