Hello denizens of MPGH, my name is Raple and I am proud to say that after weeks of hard work we are finally ready to release the closed beta for the MPGH Realm of the Mad God Private server.

To join the closed beta, you may do so in 2 different ways.

1) Apply in the official beta tester thread here: https://www.mpgh.net/forum/showthread.php?t=1342076
2) Messaged me, Raple, directly on MPGH or Skype with your general MPGH statistics (post count, join date) and I will decide your beta eligibility.

Applications made on the thread will take priority over all direct messages.

The planned release for the Open Beta is March 17th.
The planned release for opening day is March 31st.
The first planned server wide event is on April 7th (for my upcoming birthday).

All donations made during ANY beta stage will receive a 25%-50% bonus and special rewards on full release depending on the total donation amount for the specified player.

All players who at least attempt to play and test the beta server will receive a consolation reward on full release.

The top players during the beta will receive special rewards ONLY available to those who dedicated a significant amount of time to the beta.

There will be opportunities to claim special rewards during the beta that will roll over into full release, and these rewards/items will ONLY be available for this event.

A thread with further information will be posted some time next week.