Hello, MPGH users! For the time being, we are allowing contact with fellow members outside of MPGH once again. We still urge you to use the Instant Message feature here on MPGH, but there will not be repercussions for not doing so when contacting fellow members. Using MPGH Instant Message, you are more secure and can expect transactions to be safer.

Please be aware:
  • Personal/private/direct outside contact is allowed, though we are not allowing the inviting of outside marketplace/hacking related servers. This includes inviting to such a server using a direct contact.
  • Contacting members to trade hacks, programs, scripts, etc. is still strictly against the rules and will result in a permanent ban.

Want your contact method added to your thread? Use the report button and give us a pastebin link to the BB code you want your thread edited to.

We recommend letting the buyer know to vouch via posting here to add to your site's reputation after a successful trade.