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  1. Hahaha, I had my Christmas tree up until early february. It was amazing!
  2. Haha same. Although, this is my favourite time of the year!

    I’ve had my Christmas tree up since November
  3. Life has been generally good. Christmas is coming up and I'm blowing through all my money buying christmas presents. My bank account is getting scarily low...
  4. Yes we have. How have you been though? How has life been treating you?
  5. Shiiiiit. I guess we've all grown older then, haha
  6. Haha, nah. I gave up on that dream awhile back.
  7. You a doctor or surgeon yet? You rock.
  8. Hugo Wizard confirmed. Please sign my tits, I want the signature of a true wizard.
  9. google is your best friend.
  10. lolwtf. Where did you even find that? Are you a wizard?

  11. Just saying, I didn't make that.
  12. hello mr admin can u plz give me good memes.

    thank u
  13. Hugo, you were really cool! <3
  14. You're amazing.
  15. That avatar is really weird but I kinda like it.
  16. Hah, good luck with uni! I'm still in high school, but I'm going to university (probably TU Delft or TU Leiden) in a little less than two years. It's scary to know that as a 14 year old. I'm not ready for universities and hours-long boring ass lectures (I've been in quite a few). I hope I'll manage. Ah, how I looked up to you a year ago on MPGH. You were so cool!
  17. I have been alright. Just university stuff I need to get ready for. How about you?
  18. Hugo, how are you? Haven't seen you in a long time!
  19. I can't revive people. I don't have the pack.
  20. Why am I dead on MPGH? pls help me <3
  21. Just wanted to pass by and tell you that you're awesome and that I still love you in a very romantic/ way. Good going man.
  22. THEN LOVE ME! D:<<
  23. Yes, I do remember you
  24. HUGOOO! You still remember me? <3
  25. My loins are still burning for your strong, muscled thighs and your love <3
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