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  1. How are you not a middleman at this point. I see you dedicating your time at the scammers grave.
  2. Hello Hugo
  3. Goodbye Hugo.
  4. Goodbye Hugo.
  5. It's 24 only IF all the slots full.
    For example you created the server for two people and only one joined, It will close after 20 minutes
  6. Is it 24/7
    If not, I may re-create one with all the bukkit plugins
  7. says Outdated Server. I'm still on 1.7.2
    Wanna send me the .jar for 1.7.2 cause my Minecraft just updated.
  8. Try: or (Keep spamming the connect button and you will join)
  9. Cannot connect to server.
  10. When will you join?
    If no one joined the server for 20 minutes, It will be closed.
  11. I mean't to join the server
  12. IP:
  13. Version is 1.7.2
  14. Alright, tell me the info
  15. Free hosting named "Aternos".
  16. Sure, what are you using to host it?
  17. I have my own server, wanna come?
  18. I have the server, but it's old, and not updated. As for the hamachi, I removed it.
  19. Hey Hugo Boss!
    Your MC Hamashi server is still up? I want to play with you.
  20. Cause in 3 years time, I will be
  21. Why are you saying that?
  22. In 3 years
  23. Moderator .
  24. What tag?
  25. Y u no getting new tag?
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