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  1. Hey what's up guys, it's scarce here and today we have a story from a guy named Mayion. He is a really famous MPGH member and has over 12k posts. I'm sure you guys have heard of him and apparently Mayion broke a record. He was walking in the aisle of an old record store and accidentally dropped a record. Now this guy is normally very careful, but today he stepped on one, and it became a broken record.
  2. I am fast as fuck boy ..
    Not sure if I am scarce or keem at this point
  3. Are you sure you are scarce and not keem the meme?
  4. Every colour looks weird on me
  5. This green looks soooo weird on you
    Congratulations :3
  6. It was part of our research studies to test the reaction received through the presented post.
    Don't you remember?
  7. woah secret deals are done behind my back to hurt my feelings
    how would you agree to such a devil plan
  8. He told me to post that picture.
    I asked him what I would get for it and he gave me his soul
  9. How did he sell you his soul in exchange of his own post <_>
    It's the other way around lol
  10. Professor Lance sold me his soul in exchange for a copy of his post.
  11. Abusing my emotions will in no way help us discover and decrypt Dave's Physic enigma.
    Let us unite, conduct all of our data and use overly complicated words; because that is what real scientists do.
  12. We need to make a breakthrough in our discoveries.
    I'm starting to look at the ethnographic information around the community for future references.
    I suggest we conduct a sample data and calculate the necessary information for optimal results.
  13. Dem fail gif posts >_> Meant to post this:

  14. real men also has a pink tag saying superuser
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