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  1. Yes, I do.
    How are you?
  2. Hi Hugo, do you still remember me?
  3. Bonjour. I'm back after struggling with the 2auth. lol. how you doing?
  4. Ni Hao. Bonjour.
  5. Namaste. Sawadikap
  6. Same age as Hero.
  7. Hey Hugo Boss, how old are you?
  8. Good point there. Another free time.
  9. Maybe you can help out with their IM?
    Not sure what's up with that though.
  10. What app should I make?
  11. Good, how about you?
  12. Hello Hugo Boss! how you doing sir
  13. btw, how old are you?
  14. Hello there
  15. Hey! greeting!
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