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  1. I've always wanted to travel around the world, but since I just came back from vacation not long ago, it will be at least for another few years before I decide to go anywhere hehe.
    Have you thought about Canada? You can see Flengo and I.
  2. Gl with that, when you visiting India for the lols?
  3. Nah, not yet. Haven't even applied haha. Applications aren't even accepted until late this month or January of next year I think
  4. attempting to organize my shit up irl, started with your masters?
  5. Nothing much. Just chilling right now on the site

  6. hows it going boss x)
  7. ah shit, sorry for the late response! I had only recently reinstalled my laptop, will be download steam and adding you then! Can only play potato level games on this haha.
  8. I added you on Steam, I think. Guessing that's you because you added someone else here that's also on my friends list.
  9. Nah at home right now, courses and examinations.
  10. Yes, I have most Total War games. You're overseas? I don't remember.
  11. It appears you're interested in Total War! So much to experience but I have no PC to help me
  12. I was going to get that game during the Steam Grand Prix, but ended up getting a bunch of other games
  13. As weird as it may sound Deus Ex gave me a whole new look on life LOL.
  14. I am now exploring what the meaning of life is
  15. Hugoooooooooooooo! Yeah just got it this month, had some "time" on my hands, how're you doing ;]
  16. I just realized you're a MM again. Congrats!
  17. No, I a just turned into an elf
  18. are u the simba now o:
  19. Sure thing man, this game is definitely meant to be played with a full squad.
  20. I just realized I didn’t respond to you, oops.

    You have it on steam right?
    Maybe I will get it and we can play in the future.
  21. Yeah its best played on PC, when you're playing with a good team it all comes through, the game feels perfect, else its a shitshow.
  22. I actually was interested in getting r6 siege for PC. Might wait till it goes on sale.
  23. ah alright, i just moved from console to PC, r6 siege is so much fun with friends.
  24. Not that far. I just bought the game like a few days ago :P
  25. I feel actual pain on the opportunity you missed my friend! No worries, its your first console, you're bound to love it! Sony has lots of exclusives is the thing, even next month Sekiro is about to come out. How far are you in RDR 2?
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