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  1. Finished my first contract, Home now!
  2. Back home for the holidays?
  3. Hugo! In a weeks time I'll be home, then we'll catch up hauahaha.
  4. Last online 5 hours ago
  5. Our last conversation seems to be more than half a year ago. What's up? Message me when you're back
  6. Same old stuff for me. I thought you already boarded a ship?
  7. I'm doing good mate, ill soon have my medicals and be boarding a ship! hbu?
  8. Haven't spoken to you awhile. How have you been?
  9. I have been sick for the past week, or a bit longer.
    Recovering from it right now and also have been studying like mad for my mid term exams.
  10. yah its based on a the movie titled limitless, wasted 2 horus of my life yesterday by watching this pos movie called amnesiac T_T . Finally got my sleep cycle fixed somewhat, will be all uphill from now i guess lmao. How u been hugggggggggggo
  11. First time hearing about that series
  12. watchin limitless series, its good so far
  13. Thanks Time
  14. wooot, just got back home. Congrats on mod mate!
  15. Your motivation is that you like your job
  16. lmao dats how it is most of the time, need some motivationnn
  17. LOL, it is ok. I procrastinated yesterday too. Had a report due today and I only did it yesterday. It was given me throughout the summer.
  18. Yeah will have to go meet my company this month on the event of an induction course, So I guess starting tomorrow I better prepare myself (Procrastination right here D .
  19. Oh? I already started haha. Balancing between this and school.
  20. I think I'm finally going to start studying :C
  21. Thanks buddy
  22. color looks good on youu
  23. He's actually not that short. 4 ft 5in :P
  24. Yes, he is my favorite character so far. Splendid acting truly!
  25. Never watched it, but I am guessing you are talking about this duude

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