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  1. solvi stop exploiting this profile man
  2. Moderator! Congratulations mate.

    J. Cole - A Tale of 2 Citiez
    Listen to it, good song, J. Cole is amazing.
  5. No moar news? 📰
  6. u shouldn't qt pie
  8. ily doe .
  9. Now i am :F , Suup
  10. you're alive!?
  11. Is the team in need of an interviewer?
  12. awh. RIP RIP RIP.
  13. Well lets hope we get some new active members.
  14. No man, you're fine. I feel bad for you, and Colin and everyone else who DOES the work every week, and then it doesn't get put to anything when I don't post the News. But, it's not my responsibility to do 3 other sections, or tell someone else; that's more work on them and I don't want that. We just gotta get the News organized again, it's breaking apart - not that people don't like it - no people like it, it's the team that's getting lazy.
  15. I thought everything was submitted, my bad i suppose.

  16. The reason we don't have it is because ******s are lazy. Me and Austin are working on getting applications out, and sorting out everything. Everyone's just lazy, and I've been very lenient. I don't think I should be as lenient if people aren't going to do a simple think every week.
  17. wheres the news?
  18. Np .
  19. Oh sorry, I didn't see it. Haha.
  20. I submitted it a few days ago ;S
  21. hey you fat rat, interview?
  22. Yes ill do so from the next time .
  23. It's okay. Just... inform me, or make the inactivity thread so I know.
  24. Couldn't get one for this week due to exams, should have informed. Sorry.
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