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  1. Hope all is well
  2. Thank you I appreciate that

    Didnt want to disturb you guys again after constantly reporting visitor messages in the past
  3. Came to your profile and saw those comments lizzypoopoo left, yikes. Deleted them for you . Surprised you never reported that.
  4. Yeah basically the closest thing to me.
  5. ur avatar is photoshopped af lmao
  6. God Of MP <3
  7. No El Cucuy.
  8. El Rey .
  9. Because ur ded now and ur too buzi for me
  10. You didn't grats me in your post smh
  11. finally got it couldnt be more proud of you bro!
  12. the fire is too much!!!!!!!!!
  13. hello felix
  14. hi god of marketplace
  15. get on ***** asap!
  16. Yo can u take a vouch on my service?
  17. Well Done man!
  18. Happy Birthday!
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