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  1. What's up? How have you been?
  2. Hello
  3. Congrats on Crossfire!
  4. I only started recently watching because I don't understand mandarin.
    I look at the eng subtitles.
    I used to watch HK dramas because I understand cantonese, but they all suck now.
  5. I used to watch a lot of Chinese fantasy tv series. Like Chinese paladin. I'm still big fan of Hu Ge
  6. Yes, I'm watching "General & I" right now.
  7. You watch Chinese drama?
  8. thats a hero symbol rit there xd
  9. Google, tumlbr, giphy, deviantart.
  10. Oh I love your avatar, top-notch as always. Where you get em from?
  11. Was trying to find more of a gif cause that scamming was ridiculous.
  12. Unfortunately I will not be using Skype. Trying to prevent imposters and it gets tiring after hearing about them all the time.
    You can always VM/PM me. I should be checking the site on a scheduled basis.
  13. anyway to fast communicate with you, mei friend
  14. Thanks Bryan
  15. HOLY GRATZ MAN WELCOME BACK <333333333333333333
  16. which one is not true
  17. Nah, I found it pretty funny, and true for some parts.
    I do like writing essays
  18. Did you cry when I wrote a long paragraph about you <3, I can go more sensei.
  19. I was changing my password on the email, that's why.
    I won't be going on that skype at all though.
  20. Hugo was just on skype earlier _01 O_O.
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