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  1. You won't try anything with this one unless you want your hand to be bitten.
  2. im good with animals
  3. i gleed u cam bak, GM suits me more. jk jk you're good.
  4. It wasn't a prank though.
  5. good prank you pulled on us. :0
  6. thanks hunty, next goal... nvm
  7. Congratulations on being given Crossfire Minion, well deserved!
  8. I almost don't recognize you.
  9. Hey, don't touch my big butttttt!
  10. don't stop being kitsune. Stay strong. Feel better
  11. Thank Thank!
  12. Congratulations on being given OMMORPG Minion!
  13. Not sure about that to be honest.
  14. i heard Dylan(Stilinski) left the show?
  15. I do, and I'm waiting for season 6 to come out publicly.
  16. Didn't know you watch Teenwolf, I dropped,will watch it again whenever I have time. :P
  17. who "aboosed" you this time
  18. "Aboosed."
  19. This is only the beggining. Don't let us down.
  20. No, you won't.
  21. Ima steal your name @Hunter .
  22. these gifs spam in your visitor message lmao. anyway, thanks. :3
  23. Sure? My Skype id's ******joaquim4_1
  24. hunter, can i add you on skype, it's urgent.
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