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  1. Alert: You have lost a fuck.
  2. Lol stfu. /msgtoshort
  3. [fuck]I have given 0.1 fuck[/fuck]
  4. Lol Here we go again nigga. Chill the fuck out I don't wanna flame you again I rather not get banned.
  5. [fuck]I have given 1 fuck[/fuck]
  6. Fuck You M8.
  7. fgt .
  8. WTF? How am I the fgt? Your the one that gave me a fucked up question. Your a Fgt.
  9. fgt .
  10. WTF? I thought yKenshit was the whole variable. You should inform me of this before me solve a problem for you.
  11. Kenshit = -(3xDrugs)/y
  12. Nupe cant force meh. Ok you talked me into it.

    1yKenshit = 3xDrugs - 7xMemoryloss That's the answer.
  13. Do it faggot.
  14. Actuly it is. You made it a trick question ;]
  15. Not my fault.
  16. Mind = Blow, There is like 5 possible answers to the question.
  17. No clue what you're talking about.

    Here's some math for why:

    3xDrugs + 1yKenshit = 7xMemoryLoss + 2yKenshit

    Solve for Kenshit.
  18. OMG you don't remember me. Awwwww so cute :3 Danielporsh911 remember me and you got into an massive argument and you where shitting allover the place and I got banned for flaming several times.
  19. I cant even remember why I got banned.
  20. Seriously, who the shit are you?
    Havent been staff for like 2 years.
  21. Yo nigga, tired as fuck haven't slept all night so imma go sleep see you later nigga.
  22. Lol. No seriously nigga whats up what happened I came back and I was like wheres that bitch kenshin1337. Then I was like ehh what ever.
    But yea why aren't you staff any more?
  23. Nigga, do I know you?

    The fuck are you scumbag.
    P.S. It works both ways, I can now talk shit to you too <3
  24. Yo nigga So how are you doing. Now that your not an admin and bitch I can talk to you. How you been?

    Hitokiri is happy.
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