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  1. hi daddy can I post a community alert for oky because he changed his name
  2. lel nevermind reeeeeeeeee
  3. actually delete it for now
  4. Done my duu.
  5. Please change my thread to this sir my thread

    Thanks brother
  6. Thank you buddy
  7. Kindly update my thread with this

    Thread found here;

  8. Then report it. I handled it the last time it was reported and I'm pretty sure I handed out an infraction. Haven't seen you report shit since.
  9. Please refrain from bumping your sales thread before 24 hours. Failure to comply will result in a ban. This also goes for avoiding/exploiting this rule with your partner."

    Your buddy Khalil has been continuously bumping for fucking weeks since you told him this.

    Are you ever gonna take action or just ban me and Self-made for bumping the threads and all others are exclusive to this?
  10. and my other one... been waiting for a week for that.
  11. Please delete this thread: and

    Like I don't want it visible to members/guests.
  12. Please update this thread; with

    and the title please to;

  13. Dude can you please open the fu*king thread? Been a day already , closed it for nothing,.

    You can delete this one, and then it should be good.
  14. Why close the thread?
  15. Hey man, please update my thread with this:


    kid will exit scam, might want to something about him.
  17. It's in my signature, click to add.
  18. Could you pm me your Skype?
  19. Not approved by me but I requested more proof on his thread.

    Not sure how this thread got approved. He provided proof of HSN, which is dead, and now barely does any refunds. He also covered the date, because its not recent. He also advertises to be able to do cgyberpower and ibuypower, which are all patched. I feel a scam incoming.
  21. Refunded him, please open up my thread and replace my thread content with this please:

    Thanks a lot!

    Thread right here;
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