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  1. ~POIIIIII!!!
  2. ^^ good luck !
  3. YAAAAS. But I shall rebuild my army!
  4. Lance kingdom will rise and take over But for you I will be bunny side ^^
  5. I hope you are still bunny gang :c. Ducks have invaded and retired all of bunny gang :'c OH NO! You also duck gang!?
  6. Aww you didn't have too. I have lots of time now since I am finished with university. I won't be sleeping for awhile.
  7. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all missed you so much!
  8. Congrats on GM ^^
  9. Come back :'( Hope you are doing well!
  10. I think he ate Joe Also, Joe left :'( Whats the point of mpgh now :/
  11. danny is joe ?
  12. congratulations on minion. Who is danny ?
  13. Joe left :/ some DANNY there now.

  14. Joe is your problem now. Take good care of the scammer ~
  15. We all miss you!!!!!!! Also, Joe is bad :'(. He is mean .
  16. poiiiiii!!!!
  17. congrats on news force !
  18. poiiiiiii ~
  19. The Bunny Squad Declares You as Bunny Approved!
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