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  1. I just wanted to make sure

  2. what, is that an insult? of course not, mine have brown accents, im not barbaric

  3. You have these?
  4. hi will u be my gf? not to brag but i have velcro sandals
  5. Haha actually I found it in the MPGH Advertisement thread that fatforce made
  6. LOL you had it screenshotted? that was so long ago damn

  7. Long live princess mayion

  8. i likey
  9. We could Amazon Prime and sexy time
    or watch anime movies
  10. What date you taking me on?
  11. Your gender is female?
    What's up, wanna date me?
  12. Lol xD

    She's in a k-drama
  13. What is that girl in your avatar doing, is she in the toilet?
  14. Hey what's up guys, it's scarce here and today we have a story from a guy named Mayion. He is a really famous MPGH member and has over 12k posts. I'm sure you guys have heard of him and apparently Mayion broke a record. He was walking in the aisle of an old record store and accidentally dropped a record. Now this guy is normally very careful, but today he stepped on one, and it became a broken record.

  15. Gonna walk in your footsteps-ish
  16. fail noob
  17. who u callin mayionnaise u lil virtual anime character
  18. Thanks Mayonnaise

  19. Congratulations Ahlwong, well deserved. Finally a position you have always dreamed of come true.
  20. stalkers
  21. Still roaming MPGH I see
  22. RIP.

    Pink doesn't suite you. Always saw you in green and will always remember you in green
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