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  1. ely mesh salek we maradesh 3alya men 2018
  2. El 5awal nesy so7abo
  3. Eid Mubarak ya 7obi
  4. you have a point
    so, how have you been since we last talked, hottie
  5. you could've sent it through PM on here since as you know ***** doesn't work anymore.
    El ehtemam mabeytelebsh
    Naseet meen ebtada ma3ak el taree2 men awello </3
  6. kont 3ayz aramdan 3aleek bas ***** mesh sha3'al 3andy
    eh a5barak
  7. 5awal 3ars nasa so7abo
  8. Fuck you.
  9. fuckin cunt omg
  10. Thanks bby
  11. High princess!
  12. hahahaha demoted from publicist hahahahaha
    useless news force hahahahaha
  13. Infract yourself
    stupid worthless egy scum
  14. Nice try, whether you report my VM or not. It's the truth

  15. Remove this shit off of my VM.

  16. Egypt's shit
  17. I thought you forgot about me ever since u got GM
    wenta tayeb mi amore
    PS - Can't suck what's non-existent
  18. Kol sana wenta tayb, Eid sa3eed
    PS - SMD
  19. Is worthy of the cocksucker tag
  20. Not worthy of the moderator tag
  21. kys .
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