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  1. RIP i wasnt kidding

    also, early gratz on 10k you fucking spammer
  2. Yea, I'm joking.
    Normen will do good I know so KTN. I love them both
  3. rip mpgh brony mod = the end of days

    but ktn gonna be a good minion i know it
  4. You want it?
    Take it please. I just can't handle it anymore. Normen at the beginning and now KTN.
  5. you just gonna steal my thunder like that by giving gratz to ktn first? wowowowowowowowowowooowwowowow

    fucking aboosing piece of shit
  6. Too late.
    it was good knowing you
  7. plis b0ss

  8. Give moniez or you be
  9. plis dont tell him.

    dont want 50x50 avatar
  10. Rip.
    The good thing is that he didn't change your usergroup.
  11. arun ab00se me
  12. What happened
    Dave-chun abuse?
  13. what the, I'll understand from him why did he say that.
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