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  1. Sounds smart man. I'm the same way, I like to have multiple income streams, passive wherever possible
    At least you have a nice idea of what you want to do/achieve, good luck man!
  2. Well I am going into a Super 8 partnership deal with my dead and one of my dad's friend (3 way). I will end up being the upper management when rules and regulation chances or anything major comes up. I am studying real state to get my first house to rent out as well. This internship will help me start making 50k (I know not that much but meh) but I am hoping to get to 100k by 30 (about 8.5 years away). I also got into investing and some what swing trading, but fuck day trading. So I am trying to create streams of revenue because I hate having a single source of income.
  3. *2018, and I mean that we first started speaking in 2014, which is crazy!
    Ah man we all mess up sometimes. What business are you getting into?
  4. Lmao we spok last in 2017. It seems it was you who has forgotten e.e
    I am about to start my internship in HR and going into buying a business as well. Nothing special. I did mess up a year so I have to redo that. -_-
  5. How could you forget me
    I'm good man. Studying and working as a software developer. Don't come on here as much anymore. I can't believe it's been since 2014 we've spoken... how's things with you?
  6. Hello...e.e
    I forgotten about you. What have you been up to?
  7. I don't remember but I think when I was in high school I told you I wanted to do computer programming. LOL thats a joke (was true but still a joke looking back now)
    I get along with everyone, my moral compass is grey, and I love to make money and look powerful. e.e

    Business administration and management and in that major I am specifically doing Human Resource Management.
  8. Ayy good to hear from you. Ahahaha good luck with that! Yeah tbh it'll probably save the dying game if they give people their accounts back. I pleaded with them and got mine back temporarily... but then I didn't stick to the terms and got banned again. That was years ago though. Good to hear you're doing well! I'm making hella money too - coding for a company right now and it looks like I'll be moving countries. Good shit What's your master's degree in?
  9. YO NIGGA, WHAT IT DO? Btw I am trying to get my aqworlds account back lel. They are apparently getting people a second chance, but idk if they will unban me e.e (didn't they unban your ass). Anyways, I make hella money now and I am going for my masters instead of bachelors, almost done with associate, 1-2 more semesters depending on what happens.
  10. No problem!
  11. Thank oli!
  12. Money sent, enjoy
  13. aYYY I am luckkie

    Thanks bud!
  14. Yeah that'd just be a waste of a day
  15. Actually really true lol. I ain't got time to hit pixels for 5 hours a day =+=
  16. Ahahahaha *bot for 5 hours a day
  17. Nah just playing smite here and there. I don't have much time now-a-days. I remember when I use to get on aqw like 5 hours a day lol
  18. If I find anything then I will do man. Only quick way I know of making (a little bit of) money is through Circle, I'll send you a PM.
    Sadly don't have much time to play games these days, I run my own website that's unrelated to gaming that takes up my free time, how about you?
  19. Yeah true, that's why I have a job right now. I am still looking online to make a few hundred extra a month online, just here and there. If you know any way let me know oli. Also you play any games now-a-days?
  20. Sadly it can be pretty hard unless you do illegal shit or are really talented at something
    I work part-time now and just about survive xD
  21. I wish I can find a way to make some decent money online. -_-
    I am broke as shit till this friday.
  22. Tbh I haven't done much recently because I only just got this account back, but I am doing this giveaway you may be interested in:
    The current most updated trainers are Grimoire and Cetera, don't know if you've seen them. Le Bot and Carbon are sort of still updated but a lot less regularly
  23. So what you been doing in battleon sections? Been allllong time since i been there to do anything
  24. Same here tbh, studies and job definitely take up all my time. Me too
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