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Conversation Between Eternity and Hector

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  1. would you some like curry free sex my fraend
    lobe fram indeia
  2. no but i am just kidding you terrorist Indian.
  3. I have dick swings. I mean mood swings. And if you don't wanna get this dick in your mouth.... than..... idk.... kill me
  4. I don’t understand in what way I offended you, why so toxic
  5. Yeah I am still looking, something happened and I might have to finish one more semester because of how the honors graduation worked out but I am still looking at Illinois but I hear if you go out of state college than its harder to get scholarships. Unfortunate. We can talk more over ******* if you want tho.
  6. ya we can look for universities, I already got a offer from a good university in USA
    let me know if you are still looking for universities
  7. No I don't know much about those universities. I am looking at university of illinois right now or southern missouri. we can take a look over the ones you are interested in over skyp e. MPGH is too slow.
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