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  1. I am but a bit late.
  2. Ah rip. Understandable though. I dont blame you. I have dropped plenty of projects due to lack of willpower.
  3. agh, I didn't have enough time or willpower to keep developing it solo. too much effort required.
  4. Arun I still need an answer from you. Why did you get rid of BT? That shit was amazing. gib an answer now.
  5. Fuck yea. BT was the shit. Which I heard you got rid of it.... Why would you do that.
  6. Weren't you on BT?
  7. Fucken haven't spoken to all you guys for ages. BTW Daves still my bitch.
  8. Lol Arun, WHAT UP.
  9. Hey sorry that you were permabanned for a couple months because of a staff member for a post ban. The ban duration was only supposed to be 1-2 days.

    Apologies on behalf of MPGH staff.
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