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  1. Bye, I'm gonna have lunch now*.
  2. Bye, I'm gonna have my lunch now.
  3. [MPGH]niggaforce
  4. C'mon nigga
  5. I promise I won't hack the server.
  6. Let me test your game, sir.
  7. wouldn't you have to ban yourself tho
  8. Could I be the new admin? I'll ban the scammers.
  9. Let's travel together.
  10. How have you been doing?
  11. im the king of rio

    try me
  12. Last Activity 2 Days Ago

    I guess I should be the new admin because I'm always online. How have you been doing?
  13. What? Do you wanna invade the Amazon rainforest?

    You can live there, it's up to you.
  14. about to invade ur country

    what u gonna do
  15. Last Activity: 5 Days Ago

    Rest in peace arunforce
  16. btw I don't wanna get banned again xd
  17. I wish I could change my nickname! I wanna get back to my past!
  19. Happy Chinese new year, Arun!
  20. hola monkey
  21. Hello brother. I'd like to say that I miss you. Bye bye
  22. What do you think about it Mrs. Arunforce?
  23. In fact, I hope to help MPGH again. I'm thinking about applying to be minion again....
  24. You've said it right, I was banned.. now I'm back!
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