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  1. Our old conversations are cringe af aron
  2. Yoo I was checking that npcvend thread going on... and hey man..
    Ffs don't get your self stressed out because of a site/ some little ignorant kids aswell.
    Just pullup your stuff together man
  3. u .
  4. hi old man
  5. Merry Christmas. It's on hiatus currently.
  6. Merry Christmas arun ♡
    Battle tale exists anymore ?
  7. arunforce ya habeeebiiiiii
  8. Arunforce coming at cocksuckers like an airforce, banning them, fucking them, cumming at their nose.
    Arun ? Well more like a fucking baron... he is so fed that he kept bannin every cs right & left. Until they felt. Felt absoultely no dignity, giving ethan's name to CS legacy. And yeah baby that's the summary, of CS misery.
  9. My bad I typed .net, Anyway can I have a beta key if you don't mind ? I have a lot of free time to kill and playing BT won't hurt.
  10. Nothing, clearing my plate so I can resume working on it.
  11. What happened to battle tale ?
  12. I think Pokemon GO should have a guide subsection ?
  13. Oh yes lol .
  14. Not even relates to my e-mail lol ?
    Temperrr (or one R)

  15. Can't find any account named that.
  16. I forgot my login info tho, I'm sure the user name was Temperrr, can you change the email from to
  17. uh, sure .
  18. Can I get my BT account unbanned now ?
  20. Happy new year arun
  21. I might be asking for a lot, what about having a new section just for Trial purposes .
  22. Merry Christmas arun
  23. Alright .
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