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  1. I did
  2. Yes you should apply for it ;3
  3. Apply for the next minion application opening ~~
  4. I'll always be here.

    IM chat or #general became inactive I guess. But there is a disc server made that made everyone play among us during weekends.
  5. I am surprised to see you're still here. Why is IM chat so quiet ?
  6. OMG welcome backkkkkk !!!!!!!!! ;O
  7. owo not allowed
  8. Many people here, including me, hopes you are doing well!

    Stay safe! We miss you! owo
  9. That's good to knowww
  10. thank you ! I am doing well ~
  11. Miss you ;w;

    Hope you're doing good.
  12. I hope you're doing fine uwu
  13. yes uwu I am tired
  14. Aren't you getting tired of closing multiple threads?

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