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  1. Are you okay, Royce?????????
  2. I know, I was joking too, thus the "(finger)".
  3. twas a joke
  4. Yeah, that'd have made sense if it hadn't been the OP the one to reach me out on Skype and request me to accept a vouch copy of his service. (finger)
  5. Boss lady scary
  6. ^RIP, lol.
  7. Leave I'm Trynna get gm
  8. get the pink , but damn that blue looks mad sexy. You dont take L's do you.
  9. Sheep pls (slap)
  10. My sheep behave yourself.
  11. teen wolf still comes on wtf?!?!
  12. Teen Wolf, Kira Yukimura, thunder kitsune.
  13. Your avi where is it from
  14. ROTMG Minion
  15. Yes, it was. That way anyone else who thinks of doing the same as you guys can't say they weren't warned.
  16. Not trynna bm you but you're comment wasn't necessary , the fact that we posted that like couple days ago and you are now responding while not helping the fact was meh. Should of just deleted our comments and let us know personally which I knew but I thought I should help in a sort of way.
  18. you died in season 6 or whatever season that was how are you still alive, spoiler?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?1/!?1/
  19. Kek you got GM before me. Cograts feg
  20. Sorry, I don't get on skype as much as I use too
  21. ah rip

    u never answered to my skype pm btw +(
  22. i cant pull moni out of my ass to get a mouse im broke lol.

  24. Check your Skype account.
  25. Roasted.
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