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  1. bruh why you got so many phones
  2. Thanks and you too!
  3. Congrats boyz
  4. Torrent it? IDK???
  5. Where can I get cracked games for Mac? I wanna download ARK Survival Evolved but I don't have $20 to get it.
  6. Don't lie to me you cheeky bastard.
  7. Shit, didn't even notice. Now I feel like a poser.
  8. y errybody tryna jack Liz's image title??? Ichinose tryna doit too
  9. Oh I love when they change shit randomly. Almost gives you the impression that you have a new device. That's why they do it I'm sure.
  10. Meh, Apple updates their shit too much. Aside from desktop OSs I also thought that iOS 8 and iOS 9 were unneeded. I wish Apple would stop changing stuff that doesn't need to be changed.
  11. I've been so busy with school that I didn't even notice there was an update lmao, I'm 7 days late. I liked Yosemite a LOT.. But I thought OS X standard looked dumb af..
  12. It's nothing special. I've pretty much only noticed that the iTunes icon is different color. OS X Mavericks will always be my favorite. =/
  14. Oh, thought you'd figure that out.
    Your location says: OS X Yosemite
    Thought you may have upgraded to OS X El Capitan. =/
  15. Captain of what?
  16. el capitan yet?
  17. Nothing?? Why would you think you did something to me?
  18. What have I done to you?
  19. "Sorry!
    An error was encountered while processing your request:

    The specified profile could not be found."
  20. ScubaSwag .
  21. What's your steam?
  22. mpgh.schuba
  23. What's your *****?
  24. Yo, i need you on ***** to order that bottle.
  25. I need orders placed RIGHT NOW. Hit me up on *****, once you order it, I will add you to the group.
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