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  1. Damn. Nice dude, feel like taking me in?
  2. Yeperoni.
  3. From doing amazon reviews?
  4. I am in school doof.

    $ > School

    I'm making a good amount right now and I'll be able to buy a house in 3 years.
  5. Aren't you supposed to be in school?
  6. Ayyyy, do reviews for me.
  7. You wish you could.
  8. I don't get your girl. Ayyyyyyy

  9. Not mad, you just get whatever you want all the time.
  10. You mad bro? & It's not really a vouch copy. I am getting a big discount, that's all. Getting dat XB1!
  11. That's irrelevant.
  12. Why are you such a weenie?
  13. Why tf are you buying so many people donator?
  14. I meant Gabe.
  15. Who tf is Gale?
  16. Who the fuck is Chris?
  17. At school rn, get on *****.
  18. Yeah I know D;
  19. You're getting close to 1,337
  20. I'm on bruh
  21. *****! now!
  22. One gallon holy fuckk!
  23. Was browsing ebay: HOLY SHIT!

    They got sex on the beach too
  24. Just roasted your ass.
  25. Why ?
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