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  1. I don't think u going to get that amazon gift card.
  2. I dont thing u gun get that amazon gift card.
  3. Lul have fun with that.
  4. Won't have Internet until Monday. My ISP is "upgrading their gear". Fucking BS.
  5. Need 2 talk asap. ur not on xbox.
  6. I wanna see how ugly these mug ass itches look not some random broken images lmao.
  7. U wanted 2 c it
  8. That thread is useless.
  9. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you being such a dick?
  11. Hey Schuba, This forum is not supporting my wants and needs. I am obviously a Console junky rather than a PC junky. The Console section on this forum seems to not be growing at all. I failed, and it's time for me to move on. I hope you can do what I couldn't.
  12. Just made a group... I think I invited you:
  13. On "watch" for the next 30 days. There are 5 unregistered users browsing it on average. So if that doesn't go up.It's gonna be removed.
  14. Wait they're just getting rid of it?
  15. Console Game Hacking Section = dead. Is gunna be removed. Guess it's time to move on from mpgh.
  16. Ahah. Yours is 100x better! You not having it just bothered me a bit.
  17. I already have one saved with the santa hat I'm just not using it
  18. Thxx but I already remade it and had Liz apply it.
  19. You should have listened. I told you to download the font.
  20. Yo remake my image title and just make the background dark red because I don't have that font downloaded and yours looks much better than mine.
  21. Could you boot this kid offline for me?
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