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  1. Messaged you on the big S if you still use it. Have a D?
  2. Message me sometime it's been forever
  3. Been a while my friend. We should talk again sometime.
  4. Yea the cancer finally killed me. Kappa
    Add me on skype ill tell you whats going on: mattspindler1
  5. Are you dead?
  6. Yes, i bout a knife for 200 a few weeks ago
  7. No worries m8
  8. Sorry about top kek. I told him about that scammer and he got the impression that you were the scammer. Sorry about the confusion. lol. Rest in pizza.
  9. Hey XxpoopingbirdsxX! This forum is not supporting my wants and needs. I am obviously a Console junky rather than a PC junky. The Console section on this forum seems to not be growing at all. I failed, and it's time for me to move on. I hope you can do what I couldn't.
  10. Hey, would you change your title to our group tag? Would be great if you did!

    Thanks and please consider.
  11. I was banned XD i haven't been on for 2 days
  12. Why we're u ban. Auto correct flipping out I don't fear like editing,
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