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  1. Yep, still on here daily... Just lurking though.
    Life has been treating me well. Doing well relationship, school, and work wise. How about yourself?
  2. You still alive on here? How's life been treating you
  3. It's been well, you? Also change your name back to Dylan... Tf.
  4. Hey bro, just wanted to see what's been up with ya. Life been treating you good?
  5. Indeed, I come back to roam around every once in awhile
  6. ur still alive? :0
  7. ayy what's up Cursed, long time no see. How's life been for you bro?
  8. Hanging in there bud.
  9. Gucci

  10. Hey man
    how you been?
  11. cause ur pic
  12. "hai bb <3 ."

  13. hai bb <3 .
  14. >Looks at VM

  15. >looks at Dyans sig

  16. Really? o.o didnt see the rules. Thanks for letting me know, Ill request new name
  17. You know there was new rules for profile edit requests? You could actually have the name Dylan.
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