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  1. That's good to hear! Yeah I've got a few in the stable. Picked up the C5 in Michigan last year. My genesis coupe has been on jackstands for 2 years. The Forester is still built and running great haha.
  2. Been doing decent. You whipping a c5 now?
  3. I'm doing well man thank you. How have you been lately?

  4. Love you bro, hope you are well.
  5. Enjoying the FS life hahaha.
  6. HRU bby?
  7. Hey, I'd love to talk to you again. Have time for a skype chat?
  8. Promise? Why does your sig say, "Life is not worth living anymore."?
  9. There's nothing to worry about.
  10. "Life is not worth living anymore."

    Subaru you are important to me and you cannot say shit like that. I'm very worried about you and I'm here for you. I don't want you doing anything stupid. I'll stay up tonight if you could please talk to me. Please respond on skype.
  11. Yo, reply on skype. Im worried about u.
  12. ya ik, it's pretty bad ass.
  13. "Current Activity: Moderator Control Panel Login"

    Didn't expect to see that, sounds pretty powerful.
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