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  1. Don't think I can say the same for you now.
  2. i am, i cant say the same for mpgh though
  3. my son hope you're alive
  4. Oh yes, I forgot my old account too:

    RIP you newfag.
  5. cursed i have no clue what ur talking about but both of those are my accounts u delusional fuck
  6. I too can find an unverified dead account... But that would just be stupid... Right?
    But you actually pulled out the account I am familiar with... Which is younger than mine.

    It's okay though... Even if I was 'new' I have beaten you on everything added together. lmao
  7. then again why am i trying to prove myself to a newfriend lmao
  8. The oldest account that I can remember is, I definitely had one before that but IDK the username. The account I used the most was
  9. You're pretty inconsistent on when you joined. Wish you would just chose when you supposedly joined.

    Profile says 2014
    You say it's been almost 10 years in one post
    In another post you say 2010(Same year from my acc.)

    Pick and year and go with it. Also any proof of your claim? Or just me?...
  10. newfag lmaoooooooooo
  11. Join Date 12-27-2014

    But if it really matters; *cough* *cough*
  12. dec 2013 joindate newfriend CUNAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  13. ive been on this site since u were doing ur times tables kiddo
  14. Almost 4* years.
    And the functionality was just returned.

  15. Implication goes a long way my guy.
  16. 'You have no clue what you're talking about and you're a class A hypocrite'

    Yet I didn't agree with the appeal of a constitutional amendment. But I know... You're just like Dab and love creating shit up in your head.

    I just don't like the fact illegals are abusing our system. But fucking with the constitution isn't the way. But since I didn't out right say that, you just assume.

    Too bad. Thought you were smarter than that. Too funny.
  17. 'The polls are only true if I'm winning'

    You done played yourself buddy

    Sorry bud, but you should earn things in life. Keep asking for free shit you libtard, cuz you're too lazy to earn anything by yourself.
  19. You're going to take your time and report me for a ban that occurred two years ago? It's your choice bro. I couldn't care less.
  20. No one told me. I did my research. Should I go make a report now of you ban evading?
  21. Who told you this?
  22. You didn't lose your account, you were ban. From what I hear it was a bad story. Not sure what happened, but it may be possible to redeem yourself.
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