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  1. Likewise dog. Miss the old days on here with ya.
  2. you still achieved it the same my friend congrats! Hope life is treating you kindly!
  3. Hope you are well friend.
  4. If only I could have been during a great era with you q.q
    Sadly though, that wouldn't have been possible with my maturity levels back then. No wonder why I didn't even get past minion.
    Finally able to give back to the site by combatting spam and rule breakers.
  5. GM cursed <3
  6. just living one day at a time bud. hbu?
  7. Hello old friend. How does it go?
  8. RIP Hover. GL with future endeavors.
  9. Congrats my boy
  10. Chicken butt

  11. What?
  12. How can I build my own reputation by being a legit salesperson and getting my post count up?
  13. you dont even sell anything tho bby. tag huntin?
  14. buy me prem seller
  15. its only because I care
  16. I see you stalking my activity.
  17. Let us pray to be stronger my friend <3
  18. Set up a GDoc
  19. Cool image title idea
  20. If he shows me what he has to offer and gets known more.

    He applied last application, but didn't get.
  21. haha seriously? guess we will see him on NewsForce soon too? :P
  22. "I get you and Cursed mixed up..."

    Is it cuz we're brothers?
  23. Well I appreciate the opportunity regardless of the outcome!
  24. Yes, or when I feel that the appropriate applicants have applied and deserve the position.
  25. I assume it'll be a couple days before you decide on the News Force position?
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