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  1. Damn.. Even though it's been like 7 years or some shit I still remember our beef like it was yesterday.
  2. Thanks!
  3. Oh.
    My skype was disabled so I didn't get to know.
  4. Yesterday...
  5. When did you get the tag?!
  6. Congrats on mm
  7. No I'm not mad. If you looked at skype, I was trying to be nice. Called me bud, I don't like that. Boots me off, I will get mad as fuck.
  8. <3 TY /10char
  9. <3 GG /10char
  10. I take it that you do not support the unban.
  11. yea he did :/
  12. What's Atro.'s excuse? Did he actually refund every scam?
  13. No, just no. Change your avatar.
  14. What'd you get accepted for?
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