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  1. .
  2. Everything I approved was a virus

    we were section buddies? i had totally forgotten about that lol. i bet you approved tons of viruses
  4. Yeah man, it was from voting. Thanks mayo
  5. congrats bro
    was it by vote?
  6. haha pancake
  7. haha aang
  8. ok les do it b0s
  9. my gm back
  10. ya b0ss what u gettin for popping dave's pussay
  11. imma pop dave's possay
    can u mm for us
  12. m bigger than the plane
  13. Shadow in his first day in the air forces LOL

  14. wtf your expiry date is still 2 years away, u cant just resign!!!
  15. supporting your case.
  16. Why did you leave?
  17. u wot m8???
  18. Dude the ranks are flying in your ....!
  19. im still u daddy
  20. im gona take over mpgh nxt
  21. grats, look
    now u call me daddy
  22. gz big boi
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