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  1. yes my egyptian son i transitioned 2 nights ago
  2. yes my egyptian son i transitioned 2 nights ago
  3. So I go on MPGH and you got a fuckin pink name?
    You a tranny now?
  4. ya u egyptian
  5. damn nigga TM and MM. Was I away for that long
  6. Smoke's sheep
    The shame engraved onto your history will not be cleansed.
  7. u fokin hindu paki moslim shot ur trap
  8. fookin shitdow hindu
    Just had your god today for lunch.
  9. fuq u puti
  10. check ur skype darkshit
  11. too bad i cudnt be mp minion wit u
  12. Hurts seeing you out of staff chat.
    Fuck you.
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  14. -rep
    user scammed me and hasn't given me the 1000$
  15. without even waiting for the apps to end cus he's mm.
    Privileges baby
  16. Are you able to MM?
  17. Sure, add me on skype: shadowslayer79
    Available everyday at this time for 2 hours.
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