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  1. sup bitch // memes 4 life
  2. It looks like you’re writing unsubstantiated nonsense. Would you like to turn on all caps?
  3. Anime is cancer
  4. I think you added the wrong one mate.
    Can I get your ***** and I'll add you?
  5. Answer please?
  6. ******sucidialgraphics
  7. What's your *****?
  8. I mean like
    For the past year I haven't even been that bad tho
  9. lol; I guess you showed your bad side a lot in General and you gained a lot of bad rep. I personally had gained a lot of shitty rep when I flipped out on the staff... But I tried my best to redeem myself and I have. I've never truly hated you, but you had gotten on my nerves.
  10. Cause you used too, and doesn't everybody?
  11. Why'd you think that?
  12. Cause you hate me x.x
  13. lol... Why?
  14. Was actually surprised you sent me a vm tbh
  15. Been around here fo ages fam
    You just never see my stupidy anymore :P
    Wanna add my *****/ unblock if you got it?
    I'm quite a different person now
    ***** : ******sucidialgraphics
  16. Woah... Where you been? I haven't seen you in a minute.
  17. RIP News Force Member
  18. Congrats and what I ever do to you?
  19. Hey, would you send me 25$ on paypal for a 25 amex gift card?
  20. What do you think about your sig I made you?
    BE HONEST - If you want better tell me, if it's great tell me. Idc what you say I NEED criticism or else I won't get better. Ya know?
    Your AV. I will get to later tonight most likely
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