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  1. All me #justlikeinLoL
  2. ROTMG minion application looks sexier than before..
  3. coming, cant talk tho. ill listen to ur trash ass and whisper
  4. so u gonna get on disc ord?
    been on for like 2 hrs waitin on ur ass
    installed this trash game for u
  5. im fighting for ur life
  6. ay niggo add me on le dis cord snowdenn#4178
  7. REP 4 U NOW REP 4 ME
  8. where's my reP!?!?!??!
    rep whore!?!?!?!?!
  9. No rep for me?
  10. no reply????????
  11. yeah my nigga that shit was prime
    i've shown my face on mpgh where's my damn praise
  12. You liked the interview?
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