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  1. Oh hey long time no see!

    Yeah Hugo Boss is a brand. It used to be my favourite brand back then.
  2. Hello Hugo(:
    For the longest time ever I thought hugo boss was just your nickname, didn't think it was an actually place

    Thought of you right away when I saw it
  3. Cause I'm still a GM
  4. Whi isn't GM in your signature history? D:
  5. Banned for scamming.
  6. Wazzzap hugo
    Quciky, what happened to Felix?
  7. Thanks Fantic
  9. Former Staff? What happened?
  10. Oh, I see. Well on the bright side, you still have your other sections.
  11. Not totally sure but prob cuz of a thread I approved
  12. How come ?

  13. ********************
  14. No more xD
  15. No more MP sections?
  16. Right back atcha
  18. Awweee you left

    Thanks for standing by our sides and wish you luck with your school and life and such
  19. Thanks big boss!
  20. Congrats Fantic
  21. Thankssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! c:
  22. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. Thanks Fantic
  24. Congratzzzz!
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