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  1. Fanaticmeal how u been!
  2. Sorry for replying 1 month late
    *1year & a month
  3. Hello tiktok
  4. Nvm you prob someone I know cuz I just saw your post on my wall from a while ago
  5. Were you always GM and also do I know you from before I was ded
  6. Hi miTe !!!!!!!!!
  7. hii franticeel
  9. hii franticsqueal
  10. Heloooooooooooooooo
  11. gday seal .
  12. But today is Sunday?


  13. every sunday!!
  14. Cool but boring.

    When's the news coming out?
  15. My my! You're name is confooosing :C , How's MM'ing going?????????
  16. FanticSteal

    And general marketplace
  17. Oh my bad again franticsteal! I sincerely apologize, Congratulations on the promotion. which section????
  18. I got promoted from MM to Minion

    And it's FanticSteal
  19. aw I thought you were mm since forever???????? My apologies FanticSeal

    Where's my recognition of getting promoted?

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