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  1. Hope all is well, you were an amazing person
  2. Congrats my brother!
  3. Thank you, Royce. Really appreciate!
  4. Wow you really left me . I’m proud of you man fr fr . Continue to be great
  5. Congrats on GMOD. can't wait till it's official. I seen the future .
  7. Nice rep (:<
  8. I missed you
  9. Live or die, make your choice.
  10. Congrats on mod bro . I told you.
  11. Congrats bro .
  12. Ahahaha,
  13. You are always on when I'm on
  14. Just a temporary name until august
  15. Look at you with a new name and all
  16. Every time I get on you're on and if it's not you it's raple , but I work behind scenes
  17. You are a busy man.
  18. Forgive me geras as I hate to do it to you, but I won't be on a computer for the next week most likely, but I'll get on everyday , ask hunter to help with attachments as I see they've built up
  19. Sorry man I've been working like crazy and even in my free time I've been busy plus being banned when I was available just made it worse
  20. Royce, wake up...
  21. finally, but it seems like you've held on
  22. Welcome back
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