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  1. good to hear man, hope ur safe out there <3
  2. Hi buddy! I miss you too

    Doing good
  3. hello sir how are you

    miss ur gm ass
  4. u just quit like that uh? how come

    the only gm that I enjoyed shit talking/posting
  5. Maybe i will, maybe i won't.

  6. bruh t-800 more like fake ?

    change ur name back to the og name pogretard
  7. you're welcome
  8. you look like gay
  9. Got em
  10. gerassss????

    more like gerstfu

    got em
  11. gerassss?

    more like mr. ass got em
  12. made a shitpost thread on General

    as usual
  13. Just noticed you are not a CS anymore, congrats brother !
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