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  1. Just in time , good job!
  2. no more cs bud
  3. Thanks <33333
  4. Congrats buddy <3
  5. The way it worked in rotmg back when I sold was shops weren't the same as services. Services were like maxing, ut duping, farming, etc. He's just running a shop so I don't see a need for a vouch copy.
  6. That guy in ROTMG mp has a shop which means is a service? if he would only be selling something for one time purchase then it wouldn't be a service like an account.
  7. sucks cause we had all the devs and were ready to start, now we got a group of pissed devs
  8. ya dave disbanded it I guess, no official word from him
  9. no longer dev chat?
  10. New usergroup made so I can manage devs working on MPGH shit, tag ain't made yet hence why it looks kinda funny rn
  11. whats that tag
  12. Gratz on mod cuz
  13. Blue name man, thats nice , congrats
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