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  1. Hey can you please change my main usertitle to just Mem lvl 2, thanks.
  2. wait.. It says I'm not a member of any permission groups even though I'm a donator + VIP.. I'm pretty sure that's the problem.
  3. have no* stupid auto correct on my phone..
  4. I still get that message saying that i javelin mo usergroups available to join, thanks for your help anyway =)
  5. Should work now.
  6. Yep .
  7. That's the one for changing name colors, right (I wouldn't know)?
  8. What page are you visiting?
  9. How about if I want to edit usergroups? I can't?
  10. I don't think that's an error...
  11. Uploaded with
  12. I want to be able to edit my usergroups myself whenever needed. Here is an ss of the error I get. And I hope you can fix it.

    Uploaded with
  13. I need help, I can't edit usergroups.
  14. Why can't I edit my usergroups ??
  15. Why are you leaving ?
  16. I can forgive, I won't forgive a guy who puts MPGH sucks in his sig and thinks he can come back.
  17. So you'll never forgive OverDrive? Even if he aplogizes ?
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