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  1. shiet i did not say the forbidden word trust me no ban yes?
  2. ally?

    more like

    Nitroless *******er jhahahahaha
  3. yikes okay refund UWU
  4. yup .-. yeah sorry man
  5. so you got no money.
  6. I have a fun fact. I bought AGC then it ended up getting taken from the account because it was a carded agc apparently
  7. i swear to god where the fuck are the pictures you promised me
  8. I still have to buy agc
  9. wt when????
  10. i didnt even order the thing yet?
  11. ur toxic babe

    where are the pics you promised me wtf
  12. toxic //2short//
  13. number you thot it means number
  14. What does the NR mean
  15. thot

    nr #1 thot?
  16. just msg me i dont start conversations
  17. so you just took my money and left me?

    you never loved me
  18. smh just tell me which, but i'd guess u'd like that dildo?
  19. whichever you want to gift me :P
  20. sure which one do you want?

    they're all dirt cheap
  21. buy me stuff thanks
  22. why do you have all of that gay ass female shit to buy in your signature if you're fucking male?

  23. rude //2short//
  24. #donthatemecuzimtellingthetruthunonbelieber
  25. ur not even a real girl

    and ur a puss with no balls that can't even use his mic in a ******* call smh
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